Birth: 06 APR 1618 at Glastonbury, Somerset, England

Baptized: 06 Apr 1617  St Johns, Glastonbury, Somerset.

Freeman:  13 May 1640
Details: He was a member of the church before he was admitted a freeman

1st Marriage:  14 JAN 1644  to Sarah [Holbrook]. Sarah died at Weymouth, MA

Selectman: 1648 and 1656

2nd marriage:  ABT 1644/45 to Elizabeth Stream  Weymouth, Massachusetts

Birth of Son:  1644
Name:  Samuel Holbrook

Birth of Daughter:  1646
Name:  Sarah Holbrook

Birth of Son:  ABT 1650
Name:  John Holbrook

Birth of Daughter:  1650
Name:  Hannah Holbrook

Birth of Son:  1652
Name:  Abiezer Holbrook

Birth of Daughter:  1654
Name:  Elizabeth Holbrook

Representative: Many years between 1651 and 1692

Deputy: Six years from 1651 through 1673 in Weymouth

Religion: 1651
Details:  He was of the minority of thirteen who on May 7, 1651, refused their assent to the book of ecclesiastical discipline made by a committee and the elders of the churches.

Lived: He lived at Old Spain in Weymouth, Massachusetts, and seems to have inherited his father’s homestead.

Birth of Daughter:  1658
Name:  Lois Holbrook

Birth of Daughter:  1658
Name:  Eunice Holbrook

Birth of Daughter:  1661
Name:  Experience Holbrook

Birth of Son:  1662
Name: Ichabod Holbrook

Land Rec: 1668
Details: He, with two others, purchased a nine mile by three quarters of a mile tract of land on the road between Weymouth and Middleborough

Military: 1676
Note:  Was a Lieutenant and afterwards a captain in King Philip’s War.   He served with much distinction in King Philip’s war in 1675, defending Weymouth with his company, and also fighting at other places.
Details: On June 22, 1676, he was at Concord with thirty men from ‘Norfolk, a county which consisted of the settlements on the Merrimack and Piscataqua rivers, and as commander he drew the pay for twenty four men in June, August and September, 1675, and also drew sixteen pounds fpr his own services.

Land Rec: 1678
Details:  He bought John Saffan’s farm in Scituate, Massachusetts, of John Hoar, of Concord.

Note:  He loaned large sums of money to various tradesmen and merchants in Boston, taking out mortgages, and operated on a large scale for the times.

Note: On January 20, 1698-99 he sold a corn mill in Weymouth.

3rd Marriage:  to Mary (Jacob) Otis

Death:  23 Nov 1699  Weymouth, Norfolk Co, MA

Burial:  North Weymouth Cemetery, Weymouth, Norfolk County, Massachusetts
Note:  Headstone has crumbled many years ago.

Will: 12 JUL 1699
Details: “Being weak of body”; he made his will 12 July, 1699, as follows: To his wife Mary Holbrook £5O, and £10, provided she give thereof £5 to her daughter Loring. To son John Holbrook his housing and lands in Scituate, and the use of one-half to his now wife Abigail after his decease; the other half to his grandson John, son of his said son John Holbrook. After the decease of son John and his wife Abigail the whole farm to his aforesaid grandson, John Holbrook, he to pay £40 to the six daughters of his said son John Holbrook. Unto his granddaughter Elizabeth, the wife of James Smith, £5. To his granddaughter Abigail Porter £10. To his daughter-in-law Lydia Holbrook, widow of his son Samuel Holbrook, deceased, for bringing up the children of his said son Samuel, use of land adjoining her dwelling house in “Kingman’s Neck,” etc.; also 40 acres near the “Physical Spring”in Weymouth, till his grandson Joseph Holbrook, son of his said son Samuel, attain the age of one-and-twenty. To said daughter Lydia Holbrook also £120, provided she pay her three daughters Elizabeth, Mary and Sarah each £40 at 21 years. To his grandsons Samuel, John and Joseph, sons of his said son Samuel Holbrook, his landsin Weymouth and Braintree, they paying their mother 30s. each per annum. for life. To grandson Abiah Holbrook, son of his son Samuel, one-half of his house and land in Boston at 21, he paying his mother, as his brother shall, 30s. per annum. To his daughter Lydia Holbrook salt meadow at Kingman’s Neck that was formerly his father Thomas Holbrooke’s. To his son-in-law Simon Whitmarsh £20. To his grandson Simon Whitmarsh £20. To his granddaughter Ruth Derby £15, and to his granddaughter Mary Jackson £15. To his daughter Hannah Pierce £50. To his grand son Azarikurn Pierce £15; also to Ephraim Pierce, Jr., £15. To his granddaughter Rachel Peck £5. To his grandson Joseph Nash £50, and to his granddaughter Elizabeth Nash £25. To his grandsons Benjamin Ludden, John Ludden and Joseph Ludden each £10. To his grandson James Ludden a meadow on the Eastern neck which was formerly his grandfather’s James Ludden’s. To his granddaughter Eunice Ludden £15 at marriage or 18. To his grandsons Joseph Edson and Josiah Edson each £15, and to his granddaughter Experience Edson £40 at 21 and 18. Unto his son Ichabod Holbrook his dwelling inWeymouth where he now lives, and 40 or 50 acres to him and his wife Sarah, and at their decease to Ichabod’s son Abiezer Holbrook. To his grandson David Holbrook, son of his son Ichabod, and near “Physical Spring.” To Elisha Holbrook, son of his son Ichabod, one-half of his house in Boston. To Rev. Mr. Samuel Torrey, Pastor of the Church in Weymouth, £5. His Indian servant Anthony to have his freedom in twelve years. Executors, his sons John Holbrook. Ichabod Holbrook and Ephraim Hunt, Esq., to whom he gave £5. His friends John Rogers and Joseph Dyer and his brother Stephen Fench, overseers; proved 14 Dec. 1699. (Suffolk Probate Records, 14: 3.) He deposed that he was 45 years of age or thereabout, 22 Aprp 1667. (Suffolk Court Files, 815.)

Click here to see parents:  Thomas Holbrook and Jane Powyes

Elizabeth Stream

Birth:  ABT 1624 at England.

Death:  25 Jun 1688 Weymouth, Norfolk Co, MA

parents are John Stream and Elizabeth ?

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