Birth: abt 1589  Glastonbury, Somerset, England

Baptized:  1 Mar 1598/9 at Eversley, Glastonbury, Somerset, England.

Note:  Thomas has been said to be a descendant of Richard Holbrook of Somersetshire, England.

Marriage:  12 Sep 1616  Jane Powyes at St John the Baptist, Glastonbury, Somerset.

Birth of Son:  06 APR 1618 (baptized)
Name:  John Holbrook

Birth of Son:  12 JUN 1620 (baptized)
Name: William Holbrook

Birth of Son:  abt 1624
Name:  Thomas Holbrook

Birth of Daughter:  abt 1629
Name:  Anne Holbrook

Birth of Daughter:  13 FEB 1629/30 (baptized)
Name: Elizabeth Holbrook  

Immigration:  07 JUN 1635 with Rev. Joseph Hull’s Company
Note:  Left Weymouth, England Mar. 20, 1635 at age 34 in the ‘Marygould’ with wife and oldest children, arriving at Dorchester on Jun. 7, 1635 and settling at Weymouth the same month.  He brought with him his wife, Jane, and their children John, Thomas, Anne, and Elizabeth and settled in Weymouth Mass.  They were traveling with Rev. Joseph Hull’s Company.  He built a house in Weymouth.

Birth of Daughter:  1637
Name: Jane Holbrook  

Freeman:  1643
Place:  Weymouth
Details:  Thomas may have come several years earlier at Weymouth (whence rem. the first sett. of Rehoboth in that yr.) and though he was one of the grantees of Rehoboth, yer for not going to reside there his share was forfeited in Jan 1645.

Freeman:  MAY 1645  at Weymouth

Selectman:  1641-1654 six times

Lived in:  1652
Place:  Dorchester

Land:  14 DEC 1663
Details:  Ten acres were granted to him in the First Division and thirty acres in the Second Division

Deposition:  07 NOV 1666
Details:  Thomas’s age was given as 77 years.

Lived in:  1668
Place:  Medfield

Will:  31 DEC 1668
His will, dated 31 Dec 1668 with codicil 31 Dec 1673, and proved 24 Apr 1677, Weymouth, MA, names wife Jane, three sons, three married daughters, and grandchildren John, Peter and William Holbrook.

Will of Thomas Holbrook
Original located in the
Genealogy Library in Philadelphia, PA. They have a photo copy of the original.

In the name of God Amen, The thirtie first of December in the yeare of our Lord One Thousand Six hundred and Eight Thomas Holbrooke of Weymouth in New England being Sick and weake in body but of a good and perfect memory Thanks be to the Lord, & minding the uncertaine Estate of this Transitory Life & desiring to Settle that Estate that God hath blessed me with all. Doe make this my Last will & Testament in manner and forme following. Committing my Soule to almighty God through Christ my Saviour & Redeemer & my body to decent buriall and for the settling of my Temporall Estate I do order Give and dispose the same in manner and forme following That is to say first I will that my debts and funerall Expenses be truly paid out of my Estate.
Item. I Give and bequeath unto Jane my beloved wife during her Life my whole Estate of what quality and quantity soever the Same to be at her dispose for her necessary & comfortable maintenance and do request my Son John Holbrooke my Son William Holbrooke & my Son Thomas Holbrooke to be helpfull to my wife in assisting of her in what she may have occasion to dispose of for her Subsistance & comfortable maintenance during her life and give their mother the best advice as she is ancient and weake of body Suitable to her necessity without being burthen some to any.
Item. I Give and bequeath unto my Endeared Children all my Estate
of what quality and quantity whatsoever the Same Shall be that Shall remaine at my wife Janes Decease there being Six of them Three Sons & Three daughters. To be Equally divided between them alwaies provided that my Eldest Son John Holbrooke Shall have a double portion and the rest of my Estate to be Equally divided namely unto my Son William Holbrooke unto my Son Thomas Holbrooke unto my daughter Annie Reynolds unto my daughter Elizabeth Hatch and unto my daughter Jane Drake. To be equally divided amongst them as neare as may be, and in Case any Sons or daughters should decease before my wife Jame, Then their respective Children and my Grand children.
Item. I Give unto my Grandchilde John Holbrooke the Eldest my Sword.
Item. I Give unto my Grandchilde Peter Holbrooke my Gun & my gray
mares colt.
Item. I Give unto my Grandchilde William Holbrooke my musket.
Item. I Give and bequeath unto all my grandchildren that Shall be Living at my wife Janes Decease Two Shillings a piece.
Item. I do Hereby make & ordaine my loving wife the above said Jane Holbrooke Executrix during her Life and at her decease I do appoint make and ordaine Executor of this my Last Will & Testament my loving Son John Holbrooke whome I do order and intreate to perform this my will and pay the Legacies out of my whole Estate of what Shall remaine at my wifes decease.
In witness whereof I have hereunto Sett my hand and Seale the day and yeare before written as in the other side my Loving Son John Holbrooke was Enterlined in the 42d line before the Signing & Sealing hereof Published
Signed & Sealed in the presence of Us (The mark of Thomas T. H.
The mark of Rebecca R. B. Burrell
William Chard

Whereas Peter Holbrook my Grandchild hath been as a Servant & hath bene helpful to Thomas Holbrooke & my wife Jane in our old age for the space of about Eight yeares before the date of these presents and still remaines with us as a dutifull child I Thomas Holbrook Senior the Thirty first of December 1673 do will & bequeath unto my beloved Grandchilde Peter Holbrook his heires and assignes my dwelling house and three acres of Orchard & arable land scittuate & being in Weymouth
bounded with Edward Kingman’s Land & the River Northerly & Easterly
& the Highway Southerly & the river westerly or the creeke descending from the River as the said Peter Holbrookes propper Estate of Inheritance to have & to hold after the decease of me. Thomas Holbrooke & Jane my wife & not before. And I Thomas Holbrooke do hereby declare not to alter in any particular from my aforesaid will Dated this day. Was five yeares Since but in this respect as afore written. Concerning my beloved son & grandchilde Peter Holbrooke which accordingly I do desire my Son John Holbrooke as Executor in all points to fulfill Dated the 31st of December as above written in the yeare of our Lord God One thousand Six hundred Seventy and three.

Published Signed & Sealed in the presence of us
Thomas While
William Chard. Seal of Thomas Holbrook

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Death:  BEF 24 APR 1677 Weymouth, Norfolk Co, MA

Click here to see parents:  William Holbrook and Edith ?

Jane Powyes     

Birth:  ABT 1594  Glastonbury, Somerset, England

Death:  BEF 24 Apr 1677  Weymouth, MA

parents are William Powyes (abt 1568-?) and Elizabeth ?

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