Birth: 10 DEC 1708 in Zurich, Switzerland

Religion: He was a minister of the Gospel of a society known as the German Baptist Brethren and preached in the dwellings of the settlement. Two of his sons, John and Andrew, also became ministers of the same denomination, and Andrew attaining to the office of Bishop.

Birth of Daughter:  24 SEP 1743
Name: Elizabeth Meyer

Birth of Daughter:  01 JUL 1746
Name: Maria Meyer

Birth of Son: 1748
Name:  John Meyer

Birth of Son: Christian Meyer

Birth of Son:  29 MAY 1753
Name:  Andrew Kauffman Meyer
Place:  Springfield Twp, York Co., PA.

Birth of Son: Michael Meyer

Birth of Son: Henry Meyer

Birth of Son: Abraham Meyer

Land Rec: The estate of Christian Meyer, as afterwards owned by John and Andrew, lies on the west side of the eastern branch (south of York) of Codorus creek, in the northeast corner of Springfield (formerly Shrewsbury) township, York county, Pa. In the vicinity of the northeast corner of the estate a small creek, forming the boundary line between Hopewell and York townships, falls into Codorus creek near the point where the latter changes its course to a western then to a northern direction ; the western direction continuing about a mile and the northern nearly the same distance. In no other part of its course does this branch of Codorus creek present a similar feature. Hence the mouth of the small creek becomes an unmistakable landmark. This chosen landmark is about a mile and a quarter northward from the town of Graydou, two miles and three quarters east of Loganville, and less than half a mile east of the old family cemetery. Going down stream of Codorus creek from this landmark for half a mile we reach the mouth of a small creek coming in from the southwest, or going up stream three-fourth of a mile we reach the mouth of another but smaller creek coming in from the same direction. These two creeks are prominent features of the Christian Meyer estate, the former flowing through the north part of it and the latter through the south. Between these two creeks, and running nearly parallel with them, is a high hill whose ridge divides the estate into the north and south parts.

Death: 1779 in York Co. Pa., Springfield Twp.

Burial: Ness (Myers Burial Ground) Cem., Springfield Twp., York Co., PA

Parents are Johann Meyer and Maria Leonhardt

Elizabeth Kauffman     

Birth:  15 JAN 1720 in Millersville, Lancaster Co., PA.

Death: 1779 in Loganville, York Co., PA.

Burial: Ness (Myers Burial Ground) Cem., Springfield Twp., York Co., PA

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