Birth: 13 NOV 1668 in Friesenheim, Baden-Wurttenberg, Germany

1st Marriage:  to unknown

2nd Marriage: 1717 to Elizabeth Kneissle in Millersville, Lancaster Co., PA.

Birth of Son:  1718
Name: Johan Andrew Kauffman

Birth of Daughter:  ABT 1719
Name: Mary Ann Kauffman

Birth of Daughter:  10 JAN 1720
Name:  Elizabeth Kauffman

Birth of Son:  1723
Name: Christian Kauffman

Birth of Son:  1726
Name: Michael Kauffman

Birth of Daughter:  1730
Name: Anna Barbara Kauffman

Birth of Son:  1732
Name: John Kauffman

Birth of Daughter:  1736
Name: Veronica Kauffman

Birth of Daughter:  1736
Name: Magdalena Kauffman

Birth of Son:  07 FEB 1740/41
Name: John Kauffman

Birth of Son:  1741
Name:  Isaac Kauffman

Birth of Son:  1742
Name: Jacob Kauffman

Land:  In the book “A genealogy and history of the Kauffman-Coffman families of North America, 1584 to 1937” on page 512, we learn more about the Kauffman and Kneisley families. “Oct. 1733, a survey was made to Martin Kauffman for 230 acres but was recorded to John Kauffman Sept. 21, 1743.

Death: 1743 in Millersville, Lancaster Co., PA., Manor Twp

Click here to see parents:  Micheal Kauffman II and Elsbeth Hirschi

Note:  Famous Connection  Pearl S. Buck (1896-1973), American Author – Pearl S. Buck was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize for literature. Her novel, The Good Earth, won a Pulitzer Prize in 1932. Relationship: 3rd Great Granddaughter

Elizabeth Kneissle     

Birth:  1698   Schiltach, Offenburg, Baden, Germany

Death: 1759  Millersville, Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania

Click here to see parents:  Antoni Kristopher Kneissle and Magdalena Hempstead

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