Birth:  1572  Dedham, Essex, England

Birth of Son:  13 OCT 1599 (baptized)
Name:  Edmund Sherman Jr.

Birth of Daughter:  15 SEP 1601 (baptized)
Name:  Ann Sherman

Birth of Daughter:  13 DEC 1603 (baptized)
Name:  Joan Sherman

Birth of Daughter:  01 APR 1606 (baptized)
Name:  Hester Sherman

Birth of Son:  16 OCT 1608 (baptized)
Name:  Richard Sherman

Birth of Son:  17 SEP 1611 (baptized)
Name:  Bezaleel Sherman

Birth of Son:  26 DEC 1613 (baptized)
Name:  John Sherman

Birth of Daughter:  18 JUN 1616 (baptized)
Name:  Grace Sherman

Birth of Son:  12 JUL 1618 (baptized)
Name:  Samuel Sherman

Note:  02 SEP 1625
Details:  In her will of, “Ann Anger,” sister of this Edmund Sherman, and wife of John Anger, included bequests to “my brothers Edmund Sherman & Richard Sherman” and to “Ann Sherman and Jone Sherman daughters of my brother Edmund.”

Immigration:  1635 to Massachusetts Bay

Office Held:  Selectman
Details:  Watertown, Massachusetts

Note:  1637
Details:  Pope thought that the Edmund Sherman who created the Watertown records was the son of this immigrant, and Savage wasn’t sure. The crucial reason for believing that the Watertown man was the father rather than the son may be found in the 1637 grants of the Beaverbrook Plowland and Remote Meadow lots. In each case Edmund Sherman received six acres, which should represent a household of six. The son Edmund was not known to have been married at this time and should not have had six persons in his household. The older Edmund, however, had with him his wife and his four younger children: John, Samuel, Grace and the (unnamed) youngest daughter. (Grace probably married John Livermore very close to the date of the Remote Meadows grant.) There is no record to show that the younger Edmund Sherman was ever in New England. The early Watertown records of landholding and officeholding pertain to the father. Later New England records, which certainly pertain to the son, all place him in England, in 1640, 1648 and 1663, and the younger Edmund Sherman died in Dedham, Co.Essex between Apr 11,1673 and May 28,1673.

Moved to:  1638
Place:  Wethersfield

Moved to:  1640
Place:  New Haven, Connecticut

Will:  29 OCT 1640

Death:  1641  New Haven, New Haven Co, Connecticut

Inventory:  MAY 1641

Burial:  Old Burying Ground, Fairfield, Fairfield Co, Connecticut

Click here to see parents:  Edmund Sherman and Anne Pallette

Grace Makin


Note:  07 FEB 1620/21
Details:  She was mentioned in the will of her brother Tobias Makin Jr.

Note:  14 JUN 1643
Details:  She was mentioned in the will of her husband’s uncle Samuel Sherman.  “Samuel Sherman of Dedham in the County of Essex, clothier, brother of this Edmund Sherman, included bequests to “my loving sister Sherman, Edmond’s widow twenty shillings, and to her daughters Grace and Ester Ward and to her youngest daughter to either of them twenty shillings.” This “youngest daughter,” otherwise undocumented, would probably have been born in that period beginning in late 1620 when there is a large gap in the record of baptisms in Dedham, Essex.


parents are Tobias Makin and Katherine Westbrome

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