Birth:  08 JUN 1548  Dedham, Essex, England

Occupation:  Clothing Trade
Details:  His father was a prosperous clothier in Dedham. A clothier was a middleman. He commissioned the shearing of wool, and the carding, spinning and weaving of the wool into cloth by independant artisans. The clothier sometimes dyed the cloth and then passed it on to a tailor for the final step in the making of the clothing. Edmund followed his father and older brother into the clothing trade.

1st Marriage:  25 APR 1569  to Anne Pellette in the Church of St. Mary Virgin in Dedham, England

Birth of Son:  01 SEP 1570
Name:  Henry Sherman

Birth of Son:  1572
Name:  Edmund Sherman

Birth of Daughter:  09 OCT 1575
Name:  Ann Sherman

Birth of Son:  MAR 1577
Name:  Richard Sherman

Birth of Child:  04 FEB 1578
Name:  unknown
Death:  04 FEB 1578

2nd Marriage:  11 SEP 1584 to Anne Clere in the Church of St. Mary Virgin in Dedham

Birth of Son:  23 JUN 1585
Name:  Bezaleel Sherman

Birth of Daughter:  04 JUL 1587
Name:  Sarah Sherman

Birth of Daughter:  1589
Name:  Hanna Sherman

Birth of Daughter:  17 FEB 1591
Name:  Susan Sherman

Birth of Son:  1593
Name:  Samuel Sherman

Birth of Son:  1595
Name:  John Sherman

Birth of Son:  1597
Name:  Benjamin Sherman

Birth of Daughter:  20 MAR 1599
Name:  Mary Sherman

Will:  31 JUL 1599

Death:  22 DEC 1600  Dedham, Essex, England

Will Proved:  20 APR 1601

Burial:  22 DEC 1600  in the Churchyard of St. Mary the Virgin Church, Dedham, England

Click here to see parents:  Henry Sherman the elder and Agnes Perpoynt

Anne Pallette

Birth: ABT 1549  Steyning, West Sussex, England

Death:  08 JUN 1584  Dedham, Essex, England

parents are William Pellett and ?

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