Birth: ABT 1628 England

Marriage:  30 Oct 1644  Rehoboth, Bristol, MA

Birth of Son:  1646
Name:  Jonathan Sargent Wilmarth

Lived in:  1645
Place:  Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts
Details: The names of those appearing on the register of 1645 as owning land in the town:  The names of Robert Fuller and Thomas Wilmot (now written Wilmarth), appear in Baylies’ list.  Wilmot, or Wilmarth, or Wilmouth, THOMAS, Braintree, one of the petitnrs. for gr. of a planta. on lds. of Pumham, 1645, that the Ind. chief had sold to Gorton and his fellow believers, wh. our rulers for their misbelief, had confiscat

Note: 27 NOV 1645
Details:  In Braintree 27 Nov 1645 when he witnessed a document there.

Birth of Son:  1646
Name: John Wilmarth
Place: Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts

Birth of Daughter:  04 APR 1647
Name: Elizabeth Bliss Wilmarth
Place: Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts

Birth of Daughter:  ABT 1649
Name:  Mary Wilmarth

Birth of Son:  ABT 1650
Name: Thomas Wilmarth
Place: Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts

Birth of Son:  1653
Name:  Daniel Wilmarth

Birth of Son:  1660
Name:  Timothy Wilmarth
Note:  Died young

Birth of Son:  02 DEC 1661
Name:  Nathaniel Wilmarth

Will: 10 DEC 1678 Rehoboth, Bristol, MA
Note: “Will of THOMAS WILLMOUTH, Sr., dtd. 10 Dec 1678, prob. 28 May 1694. Wife Rachel. 3 sons: Thomas, John & Jonathan. 2 daus. Elisabeth & Mary. Brother-in-law Sgt. Jonathan Bliss & Sgt. Thomas Reed, Overseers. Witns.” Daniel Smith & Joshua Smith [1:82].” Inventory taken 26 May 1694.

Death: 13 MAY 1694   Reheboth, Bristol, Massachusetts

Probate: 26 MAY 1694 Rehoboth, Bristol, MA
Note: “Inv. of Est. of Ensign Thomas Willmath of Reho., dtd. 26 May 1694, pres. by Rachel Willmouth, his widow. Apprs: William Carpenter & John Butterworth [1:83].” 4 Probate: 4 JUN 1694 Rehoboth, Bristol, MA
Note:  “Rcpts. for legacies from Est. of Ensign Thomas Wilmoth by Rachel Wilmoth, his widow; by Jonathan Fuller in behalf of his wife Elizabeth, eldest dau.; & by Mary Gilbert, dau., paid by John & Jonathan Wilmoth, dtd. 4 June 1694. Witns: Thomas Read & Thomas Read, Jr. [1:90].”
    “Div. of Est. of Ensign Thomas Wilmoth, dtd. 4 June 1694, btwn. Mary Wilmoth, widow of eldest son Thomas Wilmoth, as guard. of their children; & George Robinson; & Jonathan & John Wilmoth. Witns.; Thomas Read & Jonathan Fuller [1:91].”

Parents are James Wilmarth and Elizabeth Morrison


Elizabeth Bliss   

Birth:  06 SEP 1615   Daventry, Northhamptonshire, England

Baptism:  19 SEP 1615

Death: FEB 1676/77  Reheboth, Bristol, Massachusetts

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