Birth: ABT 1650  Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts

Land Rec:  1673  Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Masssachusetts
Note:  Named a townsman of Rehoboth
Details:  Rehoboth, MA Early Settlers: Names “of the inhabitants and proprietors of the Towne of Rehoboth having Rights and Titles to the Measuages, Tenements and Lands contained in the quit-claim deed of William BRADFORD to the town of Rehoboth, which hath been reade and allowed in a full Towne Meeting, February the 7th, 1689:” Thomas Willmath, jr.

Note:  Pg 15 Recorded as Thomas Willmath, Jr, among the owners of territory 8 miles square relinguished (sic) on 30 Mar by King Philip, Sachem of the Wampanoags. (Hurd’s Hist. Bristol Co, MA, p. 467).

Marriage:  07 June 1674 Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts

Birth of Son: 07 JUL 1675
Name:  Thomas Wilmarth

Birth of Daughter: 01 SEP 1676
Name:  Elise (Alice) Wilmarth

Note:  1676
Details:  Pg 14 (1676) This massacre was a phase of King Philip’s War. In the list of inhabitant who contributed money to sustain it, Thomas Wilmot, Sr and Thomas Wilmot, Jr. are recorded (Early Rehoboth, vol II, pp. 41, 42)

Military:  Pg 14 Thomas Wilmot Jr mentioned as “Junior; also “Sergt” and later “Ensign” (Bliss’ Hist. Rehob. p. 127)

Note:  06 DEC 1676
Details:  Constable

Birth of Daughter: 29 DEC 1678
Name:  Mary Wilmarth

Birth of Daughter: 04 MAR 1680/81
Name:  Mehitabel Wilmarth

Birth of Daughter: 22 AUG 1683
Name:  Anne Wilmarth

Land Rec:  28 JUN 1684  Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts
Details:  Wachemokett Neck.  

Birth of Son: 08 MAR 1685/86
Name:  Thomas Wilmarth

Birth of Son: 30 AUG 1688
Name:  Samuel Wilmarth

Lived in: 07 FEB 1689
Place:  Rehoboth, Massachusetts

Birth of Child: 20 APR 1691
Name:  Abijah Wilmarth

Death:  13 MAY 1694

Click here to see parents:  Thomas Wilmarth and Elizabeth Bliss


Mary Robinson     

Birth: 30 MAY 1652 Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts

Death: 19 MAY 1694  Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts

Click here to see parents:  George Robinson and Joanna Ingraham

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