Birth: 1647  Scituate, Massachusetts

Marriage:  1670

Birth of Son:  04 JAN 1671
Name: Izricum/Azrikim Pierce

Lived in:  ABT 1673
Details:  Weymouth, MA, and moved to Warwick, Rhode Island

Birth of Son:  1674
Name: Ephraim Pierce

Birth of Son:  1676
Name: Michael Pierce

Birth of Daughter:  1678
Name: Rachel Pierce

Birth of Daughter:  1680
Name: Hannah Pierce

Freeman: 03 MAY 1681

Birth of Daughter:  21 JUL 1682
Name: Experience Pierce

Birth of Son:  1684
Name: John Pierce

Birth of Son:  1686
Name: Benjamin Pierce

Freeman:  03 MAY 1681
Details:  Freeman of Providence Plantation

Will:  18 JUL 1718
Details:  Proved at Warwick, September 23, 1719

Death: 29 SEP 1719 Warwick, RI

Click here to see parents:  Captain Michael Pierce and Persis Eames

The following paragraph is contained in the will of Capt. John HOLBROOK, Jul. 12, 1699, Weymouth, MA: “I give to my daughter, Hannah Pierce, £50 in money, to be at her disposal as she shall see cause. Also, I give unto my grandson, Azarikum Pierce, £15 in money. Also, I give to Ephraim Pierce, jun., £15 in money. I give to my granddaughter, Rachel Peck, £5 in money. All which legacies are to be paid by my executors within one year after my decease, which shall be in part payment of a bond under the hands and seals of Ephraim Pierce and Azarikum Pierce, bearing date June 14, 1697.” Children: Azrikim married first Sarah HEYWOOD (or HOWARD), and second Elizabeth ESTEN; Ephraim married Mary LOW; Michael; Rachel married Mr. PEET; Hannah married William MARTIN; Experience married Samuel WHEATON; John married Hannah MILES; Benjamin; and Mial married Judith (or Joanna).

Hannah Holbrook     


Death: 1719  Warwick, RI

Click here to see parents:  Captain John Holbrook and Abigail Pierce

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