Occupation:  Yeoman

Birth of Daughter:  
Name:  Beatrice Wilmot

Birth of Daughter:  
Name:  Elizabeth Wilmot

Birth of Daughter:  14 MAY 1571
Name:  Joan Wilmot

Birth of Daughter:  28 FEB 1573
Name:  Anne Wilmot

Birth of Son:  14 FEB 1576
Date:  Thomas Perkins

Birth of Son:  
Date:  William Perkins

Birth of Daughter:  23 APR 1583
Date:  Frances Perkins


Buried:  20 SEP 1586  Salford Priors, England

Click here to see parents:  William Perkins and Joan ?

Katherine ?     


Probate:  07 OCT 1586
Details:  Was granted administration of her deceased husband’s estate.

Death:  1626  Salford Priors, England

Parents are unknown

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