Christening:  01 JAN 1579  Salford Priors, England

Occupation:  Merchant Tailor of the parish of St. Dunstan in the West, in London.

Marriage:  30 MAR 1619  Abbots Salford, England.
Note:  Mary may have been a widow when they married.  When she gave birth to their son Edward, the third of her children by William, it was stated that he was, “his mother’s sixth child.”

Birth of Son:  22 JAN 1619/20
Name:  Harrington Perkins
Place:  London, England

Birth of Daughter:  BEF 21 MAR 1620/21
Name:  Mary Perkins

Birth of Son:  18 JAN 1622/23
Name:  Edward Perkins

Birth of Son:  13 JUN 1624
Name:  Samuel Perkins

Birth of Daughter:  15 MAY 1629
Name:  Elizabeth Perkins

Will:  18 APR 1657, proved 10 NOV 1657
Note:  William requested to be buried in the Church of All Saints, in Bread Street, “where I learnt so much of Jesus’ Church, by the ministry of that his faithful servant, Master Richard Stocke.”  William left numerous bequests, among them he left to his son William (Rev. of Topsfield) 10 pounds pr annum out of his Bell Yard rents.  He left the same to his son, Edward (of New Haven, Connecticut).  His executors were his wife Jane, and his son Edward.  Edward was not present when the will was proved, Jane being empowered by the court to act on behalf of both of them.

Death:  JUN 1657

Burial:  25 JUN 1657 at All Hallows, Bread St., London, England
Click here to see parents:  George Perkins and Katherine ?

Mary Purchase   

Birth: ABT 1579 in Thaxsted Co., Essex, England

Death: 29 OCT 1639 in London, England

parents are George Purchase and ?

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