Birth: ABT. 1626 in Scotland

Land Rec: 1646
Details: The 18th of the 12th month (February), 1646, lots were drawn for the new meadow and to be divided according to person and estate, only those that were under £150 estate to be made up 150.  George Robinson’s name was drawn #19.

Marriage:  18 APR 1651 in Rehoboth, Bristol Co., MA

Military: Advanced £4 s.12 d.0 to Rehoboth, Massachusetts

Birth of Daughter: 30 MAY 1652
Name:  Mary Robinson

Birth of Son: 3 OCT 1654
Name:  Samuel Robinson

Birth of Son: 21 FEB 1656/57
Name:  George Robinson

Birth of Daughter: 3 APR 1657
Name:  Elizabeth Robinson

Land Rec: 1658
Details:  June 22, 1658, lots were drawn for the meadows that lie on the north side of the town, in order as followeth, according to person and estate:   George Robinson #2

Birth of Son: 29 MAR 1663
Name:  William Robinson

Birth of Son: 8 JAN 1664/65
Name:  Benjamin Robinson

Land Rec: 1668
Details: May 26, 1668, lots were drawn for the meadow lands in the North Purchase, by the following persons:  George Robinson

Birth of Son: 29 NOV 1668
Name:  John Robinson

Birth of Son: 1 NOV 1673
Name:  Nathaniel Robinson

Death:  09 NOV 1699 in Rehoboth, Bristol Co., MA

Parents are unknown


Joanna Ingraham     

Birth: ABT 1629 in Barrowby, Suffolk Co., England


Parents are unknown

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