Birth: 30 MAR 1838 Gronigen, The Netherlands (Harkema Opeinde, gem Achtkarspelen per genlias)

Name Var: Errit Postma

Marriage: 28 JUL 1862 to Hendrika Cleveringa in Leens, Groningen, Netherlands

Birth of Dau: ABT 1862
Name: Geertruida Postema

Birth of Dau: ABT 1863
Name: Clara Postema
Place: The Netherlands

Birth of Son: ABT 1864
Name: Tjeerd Postema
Place: The Netherlands

Immigration: 09 MAY 1873
Place: from Rotterdam, Netherlands to New York
Note: Came on the steam ship “Castor”. Gerrit came with three children: Geertruida (age 9), Klasina (age 9), and Tjeerd (age 8). Occupation was listed as farmer, landsman, peasant, agriculturalist, countryman. They traveled in steerage.

Note: 1870s
Details: In the early 1870s, there were a group of five families that settled in West Branch Twp, Sioux Co, Iowa near Sioux Center. They came from Muscatine, Iowa. These families were the families of Frederick Kuhl, Frederick Cleveringa, Broer W. Jansen, John Pekelder, and Gerrite Postema. The Muscatine group had been in this country longer than the other local homesteaders. The Dutch people in this group had lived in Bloomington, Illinois in 1853 before coming to Muscatine.

1880 Census: 09 JUN 1880
Place: West Branch, Sioux Co, Iowa
Note: Wife, Hendrika, and two children are living in household.
1885 census: West Branch, Sioux Co, Iowa
Note: Gerrit Postma 46 years old, Hendrikje Postma 60 years old, Chat Postma 20 years old (must be son, Tjeerd), Chat Postma 75 years old (must be father, Tjeerd).

Lived in: 1886?-1889
Place: North Dakota

1895 census: Wilson, Osceola County, Iowa:
Note: Garret Postma, Rachel Postma, Chat Postma

1900 census: Murray Township, Murray County, Minnesota:
Note: Garret Postma, Rachel Postma

2nd Marriage: 13 Apr 1909 in Sioux, Iowa to Anje Wolf-Jans(en)
Note: Anje’s parents were Frederick Jansen and Jantje Herling.

Gerrit Postema's 2nd marriage
1910 Census: Baker, Emmons Co, North Dakota
Note: Name listed as Garrit Posma. Living near daughter, Clara, and son-in-law Anthony Verhoeven.
1920 Census: JAN 1920
Place: Plato Twp, Sioux Co, Iowa
Death of Spouse: 23 NOV 1920
Name: Anje Wolf-Jans(en)
Death: 03 NOV 1921
Place: Welcome Twp, Sioux Co, Iowa
Note: Died of bladder cancer. Was married to a Mrs. Wolf.
Buried: Carmel Cemetery, Sioux Co, Iowa

Click here to see parents: Tjeerd Kornelis Postma and Taapke Folkerts van der Tuuk

Hendrika Cleveringa

Birth: 01 JAN 1825 Stoepen, Warhuizen, Netherlands (see map)

Note: I was wondering what this “Stoepen” was that you wrote as the birth address of your ancestor Hendrika Cleveringa in 1825. So I took a look at the map of 1868 of Leens/Warfhuizen and found it as the tiny hamlet “De Stoepen” right on the banks of the Reitdiep (Ritedeep) or Hunze not far from Saaksum (bottom of map). In 1825, this river estuary had not yet been dammed in, so the sea tide would have still come in and gone out behind the dyke along which Hendrika was born.

I remember swimming in the Reitdiep further upstream once in the summer with a friend when I was a student in Groningen. As you can see the hamlet De Stoepen lies inside a tiny polder (piece of land reclaimed from the sea) called Torringa-Polder and it makes me wonder when it was dyked in and who was the Torringa that it was named after since Hendrika’s mother also had this surname Torrenga or Torringa. – Andre Bos, Amsterdam ([email protected])

Name Var: Henderijka Cleveringa, Rachel

1st Marriage: Pieters Pompstra

2nd Marriage: 24 NOV 1853 to Dirk Ijkes Sevinga in Leens, Groningen, Netherlands

Occupation: 1853 Farm Laborer

3rd Marriage: 28 JUL 1862 to Gerrit Postema in Leens, Groningen, Netherlands

Occupation: 1862 Housemaid

Death: DEC in North Dakota

Click here to see parents: Klaas Pieters Cleveringa and Klaaske Roelfs Torrenga

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