Birth: 25 JAN 1647  Portsmouth, Newport Co, Rhode Island

Moved to:  BEF 1669
Place:  Dartmouth Twp, New Plymouth

1st Marriage:  26 MAR 1669  to Anne Lawton in Portsmouth, Newport Co, Rhode Island

Probate:  07 MAR 1670
Note:  Nathaniel Soule complained against Gyles Slocom, of Dartmouth, that said Slocome entered into and upon the rights of said Soule in his absence and refused to surrender the same… The jury find for the defendant.

Birth of Daughter: 08 APR 1671
Name:  Elizabeth Slocum

Probate:  05 JUL 1671
Note:  Nathaniel Soule of Duxburrow, and George Soule of Dartmouth… complaineth against Gyles Slocome of the towne of Dartmouth, late of Rhode Island… that he did in 1669, in absence of the first named, enter into and upon their rights and refused to surrender and so brought into question the title to their land… The jury find for plaintiffes… thirty shillings damage and the cost of the suite

Land Rec:  01 APR 1672
Note:  Was given a deed of land in Portsmouth, Rhode Island by his father, Giles Slocum Sr.

Birth of Daughter: 09 OCT 1672
Name:  Johanna Slocum

Birth of Daughter: 15 SEP 1674
Name:  Ann Slocum

Birth of Daughter: 30 JAN 1675
Name:  Mary Slocum

Moved to:  Portsmouth, Newport Co, Rhode Island

Freeman:  30 APR 1678

Birth of Daughter: 03 MAR 1679
Name:  Sarah Slocum

Probate:  12 JUL 1679
Note:  “The eare marke of the Cattle of Giles Slocum Junr is a crop on the Right Ear and a halfpeney on Each side the same and A slit in the left Eare with A halfpeney under the same. Entered and Recorded the 12th of 5th month 1679.”   – mee John Anthony, Towne Clerke

Birth of Son:  08 DEC 1680
Name:  Giles Slocum

Religion:  1681-1711
Note:  Chosen on committees, and singly, to attend to business appertaining to the Society of Friends (Quakers). It also appears he was sometimes called upon to explain conduct which was declared disorderly by that Society.

Probate:  28 AUG 1682
Note:  Chosen to serve on the Grand Inquest. Also chosen to serve in 1685.

Birth of Son: 22 SEP 1682
Name:  John Slocum

Note:  1685-1690
Details:  Deputy from Portsmouth to the Rhode Island General Assembly (Legislature)

Note:  25 JUL 1687
Details:  Selectman for Portsmouth

Note:  02 JUN 1690
Details:  Town Councilman

Probate:  16 NOV 1694
Note:  Named as one of the proprietors of Dartmouth Township in the confirmatory deed of Governor William Bradford

Note:  1696
Details:  Assistant (Colonial Senator). Also in the years 1698, 1700, 1703, 1705, and 1708.

Note:  He was generally chosen Moderator of the Portsmouth Town meetings, and was, evidently, the most prominent man of his time in that township.

2nd Marriage:  23 NOV 1704  to Mary Paine  Newport, Newport Co, Rhode Island

Note:  1705
Details:  Chosen with Governor Cranston and others, as a committee on the part of Rhode Island to settle the long continued and vexatious question of boundary line between that Colony and Connecticut.

Death: 01 JAN 1713  Portsmouth, Newport Co, Rhode Island

Burial:  Giles Slocum Lot, Portsmouth, Newport Co, Rhode Island
Details:  Here lyeth ye body of Giles Slocum Senior who depart ye this life January first day 1713 in ye 64 year of his age.

Click here to see parents:  Giles Slocum and Joan Cook

Anne Lawton     

Birth:  1645  Portsmouth, Newport Co, Rhode Island

Death:  27 SEP 1703  Portsmouth, Newport Co, Rhode Island

Burial:  Giles Slocum Lot, Portsmouth, Newport Co, Rhode Island

Click here to see parents:  Thomas Lawton and Elizabeth Salisbury

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