Birth: 1668  Portsmouth, Newport Co, Rhode Island

Birth of Daughter:  ABT 1688
Name: Dorcus Earl

Birth of Daughter:  ABT 1690
Name: Ann Earl

Note: 1696, 1699, 1700
Details: In Dartmouth he was chosen juryman “for trials”

Constable: 1702

Note: 1719
Details:  On the grand jury.

Note: 1724
Details: “The Ear mark of Joseph Earl, his Cattel, is a croop on the right Ear and a slit in the left. Recorded [Dartmouth] May the 2th day, 1724.

Note:  His father having given him two hundred acres of land in Dartmouth, he lived many years in that town, but removed to Portsmouth, Rhode Island, before May 1, 1730.

Note: 01 MAY 1730
Details: He relinquished his claim in the burying-ground at Portsmouth, and on the same day, in consideration, as he says, of “paternal love, good will and affection, which I have and do bear unto my loving son-in-law, James Kirby, of Newport,” he deeded to said Kirby a house and several parcels of land.

Death: 1756  Newport, Rhode Island

Click here to see parents:  Ralph Earl and Dorcus Sprague

Elizabeth Slocum     

Birth:  08 APR 1671  Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts

Death:  26 Dec 1752

Click here to see parents:  Giles Slocum and Ann Lawton

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