Birth: 06 JUL 1668 Oberkulm, Aargau Co, Switzerland

Occupation: Gregor was a farmer and linen weaver when a youth

Immigration: 1698 to Ellerstadt, Dist. Dunkheim, Rhenish, Germany due to Swiss persecution
Details: With his father, uncle and brothers he came to Switzerland in a boat, or on a raft, down the rivers Wynen, Aare and Rhine, Palatinate then still under Prostestant rule. This was toward the end of the 17th century.

Birth of Daughter: AFT 1698
Name: Anna Barbara Huber

Birth of Daughter: 08 OCT 1699
Name: Anna Eva Huber

Birth of Son: 04 MAR 1701/02
Name: Johann Heinrich Huber

Birth of Daughter: 1703
Name: Anna Maria Huber

Birth of Son: 17 MAY 1704
Name: Johannes Huber

Birth of Son: 20 SEP 1706
Name: Johan Michael Huber

Birth of Daughter: 13 JAN 1713/14
Name: Anna Elizabeth

Birth of Son: DEC 1722
Name: Andreas Huber

Note: Owned 28 acres vineyards. Well to-do.

Note: He died a citizen of Ellerstadt, still adhering to the Swiss Reformed Faith, though the only church in the village was Lutheran.

Death: 13 APR 1741 Ellerstadt, Kreis Bad Durkheim, Pfalz, Germany

Click here to see parents: Johann Heinrich Huber and Maria Margaretta Hoffman


Anna Maria Kreutzer

Birth: ABT 1675

Death: 12 APR 1756 Ellerstadt, Kreis Bad Durkheim, Pfalz, Germany

parents are unknown

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