Birth: ABT 1644 Oberkulm, Switzerland

Birth of Son: 23 MAR 1665/66
Name: Johann Hans Huber

Birth of Son: 06 JUL 1668
Name: Gregor Jonas Huber

Birth of Son: 03 JUN 1672
Name: Jon Michael Huber

Birth of Daughter: 16 SEP 1677
Name: Veronica Huber

Birth of Son: ABT 1679
Name: Jacob Huber

Occupation: Linen weaver in Oberkulm.

Migration: 1698
Details: Migrated to Ellerstadt from Oberkulm on the Wynen River in the country of Lensburg in the Swiss Aragon, belonging to the state of Bern, due to the persecution of the Anabaptists.

Death: 1 JUL 1744 Ellerstadt, Switzerland

parents are Georg Huber and ?


Maria Margaretta Hoffman

Birth: 1646


parents are unknown

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