Birth:  1511  England

Lived in:  1534
Place:  Dedham, Essex, England

Occupation:  Clothier
Details:  His business in Dedham was in a building called “Sherman’s Hall”, which is still standing.  Dedham was a clothing center as far back as 1375, when Flemish weavers, fleeing religous persecution, settled there. The clothing trade was one of the largest businesses at that time in England.

1st Marriage:  ABT 1539  to Agnes Perpoynt probably at St. Mary the Virgin Church in Dedham, Essex, England

Birth of Daughter:  1540
Name:  Alice Sherman

Birth of Son:  1546
Name:  John Sherman

Birth of Son:  1546
Name:  Henry Sherman

Birth of Son:  1548
Name:  Edmund Sherman

Birth of Daughter:  1550
Name:  Judith Sherman

Birth of Son:  1557
Name:  Thomas Sherman

Birth of Son:  06 FEB 1561
Name:  Robert Sherman

2nd Marriage:  05 JUN 1581 to Marion Smythe, the widow of Edmund Wilson and Thomas Smythe

3rd Marriage:  BEF 1590 to Margerye ?

Will:  20 JAN 1590

Death:  1590

Burial:  in the Churchyard of St. Mary the Virgin at Dedham, Essex, England

Will Probated: 25 JUL 1590
Details:  He left his clothier’s trade and craft to his son Henry and set his son Edmund up in the trade too. His son Robert was to attend the university. He also left land and buildings to most of his children, along with sizeable amounts of money to his children and grandchildren. Henry treated his last wife generously in the will, but warned her not to make any claims against the estate, or she would not recieve the money he left her.

parents are Thomas Sherman and Jane Waller

Agnes Perpoynt

Birth:  unknown

Death:  OCT 1580  Dedham, Essex, England

Burial:   14 OCT 1580 in the Churchyard of St. Mary the Virgin at Dedham, Essex, England

parents are Robert Perpoynt and ?

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