Birth:  1606  Derby, England

Baptism:  NOV 1606  St. Peter’s Church at St. Werburgh, Derbyshire, England

Note:  Henry’s family belonged to the “Landed Gentry” of England.

Occupation:  Weaver

Birth of Son:  Abraham Tomlinson
Place:  b. in England, d. on the voyage to America.
Birth of Son:  Jonas Tomlinson

Birth of Daughter:  1642
Name:  Margaret Tomlinson

Immigration:  Henry & his wife, Alice, with two or three children cam to New England, probably living in New Haven first, and eventually settling in Milford, Conn. by 1652. He was appointed to keep an “Ordinary” (inn) at Milford.

Birth of Daughter:  Mary Tomlinson

Birth of Daughter:  Tabitha Tomlinson

Court:  1654
Details:  he was fined for non-payment of duties on imported wine, which he refused to pay since he had paid all “legal” duties. He brought charges in the courts against the Governor of New Haven, Colony for over-stepping the law causing the Governor to be arrested.

Birth of Daughter:  14 AUG 1656
Name:  Phebe Tomlinson
Land Rec:  01 APR 1657
Details:  He purchased the estate of Joshua Atwater in Stratford. Along with Joseph Hawley, Henry Tomlinson purchased a considerable tract of land in Derby, Conn. of the Indians, and much of this land owned by Henry was transferred to his son, Jonas, and kept in the family for generations. He along with others also purchased a large tract of land of the Indians at New Milford.

Birth of Son:  01 NOV 1658
Name:  Augur Tomlinson

Birth of Daughter:  03 JAN 1661
Name:  Bathsheba Tomlinson

Note:  02 JAN 1670
Details:  Henry Tomlinson was chosen to keep an inn in Stratford.

Note:  Henry Tomlinson brought a Coat-of-Arms to America with him which was passed down the family.

Will:  15 MAR 1680/81
Details:  His will, written March 15, 1680/81 in Stratford, showed his strong faith in Almighty God and the saving power of Jesus Christ. He bequeathed as follows:
…to my loving wife, “Allice” Tomlinson and to my son, Agur Tomlinson, all my houses & buildings with all my lands in Stratford. If she remarry, she is to receive 1/3 and the remainder to Augur. After her death, Augur is to recieve her share.
He states that he had already given sufficient estate to his son, Jonas and daughters, Harger, Mary Pierson, Tabatha Worster, Phebe Worster, and Bashua Stiles, but that son, Augur was to give daughter, Margaret five pounds the year after our death, to Jonas four pound the second year after our death, to daughter, Mary Pierson five pounds the third year after our death, to daughter Tabetha Worster five pounds the fourth year after our death, to Phebe Worster twenty pounds the fifth year after our death, and to Basshua Stiles five pounds the sixth year. If any of them should die, their amount shall go to Jonas & his heirs. If Augur shall die & leave no heirs, his portion shall return to Jonas, and Jonas shall pay the above named heirs twenty pounds each on the above yearly schedule.
….to the two sons, Jonas & Augur, his Indian purchases at Derby, and his guns. Augur is to receive a horse, oxen, bed & furniture.
….to grandchildren, Timothy Worster and Abigail Harger, if they stay with the widow or Agur for four years, one mare each.
The wife was appointed executrix; friends, Richard Blaklidg and Joseph Hawley along with son [son-in-law], Ephraim Stiles, to be overseers.

Death:  16 MAR 1681  Stratford, Fairfield Co, Connecticut

Will Proved:  28 APR 1681
Details:  His estate was about 518 pounds

parents are George Tomlinson and Maria Hyde

Alice ?

Birth:  1606  England

2nd Marriage:  08 OCT 1688  to Deacon John Birdseye in Stratford, Fairfield Co, Connecticut
Note:  The two parties signed a marriage agreement before their wedding. She signed her name as A.

Death:  25 JAN 1698  Stratford, Fairfield Co, Connecticut

parents are unknown

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