Birth: 1622  Cheddington, Buckinghamshire Co, England

Name Var: Edward Worcester

Note: Nothing is known of his life as a youth in England. However, it is possible that, with his two brothers, William and Thomas, there were problems with the father. This conjecture comes from the will, which cuts off all three older sons in favor of the two youngest sons.

Immigration: AFT 1636
Note:  From England to Connecticut – at this time, changed the spelling of his last name from Worcester to Wooster.

Lived in: ABT 1642
Place: He was one of the first settlers of Milford, Connecticut

Moved:  On 24 October 1651, he obtained permission from the general court to settle in Paugasset, Connecticut on condition that he grow hops there.
Note: The first permanent settler in Paugasset (later named Derby)
Note2:  Within the next year or two he and his brother-in-law, Thomas Langdon, built houses at Paugasset, thus founding what became in 1675 the town of Derby.  The growing village at Paugasset was not viewed with favor by the authorities at Milford and New Haven, and occasional lawlessness on the part of some of the villagers intensified their disapproval.  In this situation, Edward Wooster conducted himself with prudence, for in 1669 the General Court appointed him constable of Paugasset.  His social position is indicated by the face that at least one record refers to his as “goodman.”  The article in the NEHGR contains a great deal of information on his descendants and numerous marriages of Wooster descendants with members of the Hawkins family.

1st Marriage:  ABT 1652   possibly to Elizabeth (Dorothy) Langdon in Milford, Connecticut

Birth of Daughter:  ABT 1652
Name:  Elizabeth Wooster

Birth of Daughter:  2 NOV 1654
Name:  Mary Wooster

Birth of Son:  1656
Name:  Thomas Wooster

Birth of Son:  12 JUN 1658 (baptized)
Name: Edward Wooster

Birth of Son:  1660
Name: David Wooster

2nd Marriage: ABT 1666 to Tabitha Tomlinson

Birth of Son:  18 AUG 1666
Name:  Henry Wooster

Birth of Daughter:  08 APR 1668
Name:  Ruth Wooster

Religion: 27 DEC 1669
Details:  Edward joined the church in Milford

Birth of Son:  12 NOV 1670
Name:  Timothy Wooster

Birth of Son:  BEF 16 MAR 1672/73 (baptism)
Name:  Abraham Wooster

Birth of Daughter:  BEF 31 OCT 1675 (baptism)
Name:  Hannah Wooster

Birth of Son:  1678
Name: Sylvester Wooster

Birth of Daughter:  1679
Name: Tabitha Wooster

Birth of Son:  1682
Name:  Lieutenant Jonas Wooster

Birth of Son:  BEF 05 AUG 1688 (baptism)
Name:  Ebenezer Wooster

Death:  08 JUL 1689  Derby, New Haven Co, Connecticut

Burial:  Old Derby Uptown Burying Ground, Derby, New Haven Co, Connecticut
Inscription:  In memory of Edward WOOSTER born 1622 – 1689 the first permanent settler in Derby 1651

parents are unknown

Tabitha Tomlinson     

Birth: 1646  Derby, Derbyshire, England

Religion: 27 JUN 1669
Details:  Tabitha joined the church in Milford

2nd Marriage:  ABT 1690  to John Hull

Death:  1691 Derby, New Haven Co, Connecticut

Burial:  Old Derby Uptown Burying Ground, Derby, New Haven Co, Connecticut

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