Birth:  1626  Scotland

Note:  James Frisel / Fraser was one of the Clan Fraser, prominent as adherents of Charles 2nd. King of England, Scotland, and Ireland. There is a possibility that James and his brother William were the sons of Lord Fraser of Muchall ( Castle Fraser). There are Scottish records stating that James and his brother William may have been dead by 1651, This is the date that Andrew Fraser, 2nd. Lord Fraser, thinking his first two sons were dead after the battle of Dunbar wrote them off as his heir.

Name Var:  Frisel/Fraser

Immigration:  There is a possibility James Frisel , “Frizzell ” , Fraser arrived in Boston after the Battle of Dunbar in 1650 and not the battle of Worcester in 1651. There are no records he was on a ship to America or Barbados. James may have had enough money and influence to hide out and make his way to France, then get passage to Nova Scotia or Quebec and then make his way down to Boston. But for safety reasons changed his name to Frizzell / Frissell . There is no proven research that says he came over on a prisoner ship.

Immigration: Another possibility is that James and his brother William lacked sufficient funds , and being unable to afford passage they shipped on as sailors and upon reaching America or Canada they went ashore until the ship sailed without them. This was not an unusual occurrence, as the ship’s records show they frequently left America with only a portion of their crews. It would also explain why the name Fraser or Frissell were not on the passenger list.

Note: Most records say: In 1652, “Jams Frisel / Frizell (Fraser) ” Arrived in New England at the time of the arrival of four or five hundred Scottish political prisoners who were decisively defeated at the Battle of Worcester on September 3, 1651 by the forces of Oliver Cromwell. The prisoners were then banished to America from the sea port of Gravesend, England in 1652.

Note:There is an “Old Family Tradition” that states, Jams Frisel Fled with a Brother to France. Later, it is believed that James and his brother then fled to America. James and his brother changed their name while in passage from France from Fraser to Frisel and later to Frissell / Frizell.

Marriage:  1656 to Sarah Busketh  Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts

Birth of Daughter: 16 MAY 1656
Name: Mary Frizzell
Note:  The ten children of James Frizell / Fraser & Sarah Busketh were baptized in John Eliot’s Church, Roxbury, Massachusetts.

Birth of Son:  1 OCT 1658
Name:  James Frisel

Birth of Son:  1660
Name:  Joseph Frizzell

Birth of Son:  1663
Name:  Samuel Frizzell

Note:  JAN 1664
Details:  James Frisel is listed in the will of the widow Heath, gave 20 shillings to goodman Frysell, that married goodman James Busketh’s daughter.

Birth of Son:  12 DEC 1664
Name:  John Frizzell

Birth of Daughter: 3 FEB 1665
Name: Sarah Frizzell

Birth of Son:  5 MAR 1667
Name:  Benjamin Frizzell

Birth of Daughter: 26 OCT 1669
Name: Hannah Frizzell

Birth of Son:  12 JAN 1670
Name:  Ebenezer Frizzell

Birth of Son:  8 APR 1673
Name:  Samuel Frizzell

Note:  06 JAN 1674
Details:  In Roxbury, Massachusetts, the oldest receipt on file with the name Jams Frizzell, ten Shillings received of James Frizzell for the marsh given by Samuel Finch, There is no record of the purchase or acquisition of his land.

Land Rec:  1686
Details:  His sons Joseph Frizzel had lot 13 (20 acres) & John Frizzel had lot 12 (20 acres) in Woodstock, Connecticut. James Frizell returned to Roxbury, Massachusetts were he Lived the remainder of his life.

Freeman:  18 APR 1690
Details:  James on the “List of Freemen Roxbury”.

Land Rec:  04 JUL 1712
Details:  On a deed of land to his son James, he and son James paid 20 shillings to the children and wife ( Mary Allen) of his son Joseph.

Death: 06 FEB 1717 in Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts

Parents are unknown


Sarah Busketh     

Birth: 1631 Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts

Death: 11 FEB 1713  Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts

Parents are James Busketh and ?

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