Birth: ABT 1581  Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, England

Name Var:  “Jeremy Gold”, “Jeremiah Gould”, “Jeremy Gould”

Marriage: 25 NOV 1604  Chesham, Buckingham, England

Birth of Daughter:  1620
Name:  Mary Gould

Birth of Son:  1624
Name:  Thomas Gould

Birth of Son:  1625
Name:  Daniel Gould

Birth of Son:  1630
Name:  John Gould

Freeman: 1638
Place:  Newport, Rhode Island

Death: 1654  Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, England
Note:  After the death of his wife, he went home to England and that is where he died.


parents are Richard Gould and Mary Colder

Priscilla Grover     

Birth:  03 JUN 1582  Chesham, Buchinghamshire, England

Christening:  03 JUN 1582 in Bovingdon, Hertford, England

Death:  1652  Middletown, Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations

parents are William Grover and Margaret ?

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