Birth: 1591  Chiddingly Manor, Sussex Co, England

Note:  Has a degree from Cambridge.

Immigration:  1623  England to Weymouth, Massachusetts

Authorization:  21 APR 1629
Note:  In their first letter to John Endicott, on 21 April 1629, the Governor and Deputies of the Massachusetts Bay Company noted that “W[illia]m Jeffryes, gent.,” was one of those authorized by Gorges to give possession of a grant of land to John Oldham. In the patent to Thomas Lewis and Richard Bonython, and in the patent to John Oldham and Richard Vines, both issued on 12 February 1629/30, William Jeffreys was appointed, along with William Blackstone and Edward Hilton, to put these men in possession of their lands.

Note:  09 DEC 1630
Details:  John Humphrey wrote from London to Isaac Johnson, not knowing of Johnson’s untimely death in September. In describing the machinations and political posturing going on at Court regarding the settlement in Massachusetts Bay, Humphrey mentioned the contrary position Sir Ferdinando Gorges had taken and the ammunition for that position being sent in letters by Jeffreys, saying “Jefferie is a bad man, he basely flings out in his letters to him, which Sir Ferd[inando] showed me, handle him wisely and by no means exasperate such spirits”

Freeman:  18 MAY 1631
Note:  Requested 19 October 1630 (as “Mr. Will: Jeffries”) and admitted 18 May 1631 (as “Mr. Willm Jeffry”)  In Newport section of 1655 Rhode Island list of freemen.

Note:  MAY 1634
Details:  He is called “my very good gossip” by Morton in a letter from the latter, a fact sometimes cited to show they were intimates, but negatived apparently by his subscription for the expulsion of Morton.

Note:  04 AUG 1634
Details:  A “letter was delivered to Mr. Winthrop by Mr. Jeffery, an old planter, written to him from Morton, wherein he related, how he had obtained his long suit, and that a commission was granted for a general governor to be sent over, with many railing speeches and threats against this plantation, and Mr. Winthrop in particular. Mr. Winthrop acquainted the governor and council with it, and some of the ministers”

Note:  1636
Details:  He had a legacy of 10 shillings to buy a ring, by the will of his brother-in-law Hugh Evans, of London.

Note:  FEB 1640
Details:  “Jeremy Gould of Rode Island yeoman & Will[ia]m Jeffreys of Weymouth … gent” were bound in £30, on the condition that on or before the following 24 August Gould would convey to Henry Waltham three acres of meadow in Weymouth [ Lechford 372-73]. (William Jeffreys may already have been married to Jeremy Gould’s daughter Mary by the date of this transaction.)

Commissioner:  1641
Place:  Weymouth
Note:  Commissioner to end small causes

Land:  NOV 1641
Note:  “W[illia]m Jeffryes, gent.,” was a patentee of Agamenticus [York] on 2 December 1631 (and on 2 March 1631/2). On November 1641 he received his division of lands at York, in partnership with Samuel Maverick, Elias Maverick and Hugh [sic] Bursley.

Birth of Daughter: 20 MAR 1642
Name:  Mary Jefferay

Birth of Son:  ABT 1646
Name:  Thomas Jefferay

Land:  1648
Place:  Newport, Rhode Island
Note:  “Mr. William Jefferey” held land in Newport as early as 16 January 1648[/9], when he was named as an abutter to lands being sold by James Rogers to Richard Knight, and on 6 June 1650 “William Jefferey” promised to “make the fence that hath been in controversy betwixt Richard Knight and myself”.

Birth of Daughter: 1650
Name:  Sarah Jefferay
Place:  Newport, Rhode Island

Note:  1652
Details:  He was on a committee of four persons who wrote a letter for Newport to towns of Providence and Warwick.

Land:  22 MAR 1653/54
Note:  On 22 March 1653/4 “William Jefferays” sold to Lawrence Turner and Tobias Saunders a parcel of land measuring sixty-seven rods by fifty-six rods, “being the eastern part of the lands of William Jefferays of Newport”

Jury Foreman:  29 AUG 1653
Place:  Rhode Island

Birth of Daughter: 1654
Name:  Priscilla Jefferay

Land Rec:  27 MAR 1654
Place:  Newport, Rhode Island
Note:  He sold Lawrence Turner and Tobias Saunders land at Newport measuring 67 by 57 rods.

Freeman:  1655

Birth of Daughter:  ABT 1656
Name:  Susannah Jefferay

Land Rec:  16 OCT 1660
Note:  He was granted 500 acres by General Court of Massachusetts “to be a final issue of all claims by virtue of any grant heretofore made by any Indian whatever.” This was in lieu of a grant made to him years before by Indians at Jeffrey’s Neck, in Ipswich. He sold the 500 acres to William Hudson.

Commissioner:  1661

Deputy:  OCT 1664
Place:  Newport, Rhode Island

Note:  14 MAY 1667
Details:  He was appointed on a commission to make a rate for a levy of 150 pounds, for the prison, pound and stocks and mounting of great guns.

Will:  08 DEC 1674
Note:  Proved Jan 9, 1675. “William Jefferay of Newport … gent.” bequeathed to “my eldest daughter Mary Greene the wife of John Greene of Newport … lands … being in Blackman Street near the City of London which lands … were given me by … my mother Audry Jefferay late of Chittingly in … Sussex,” with a part of the rents reserved for “my wife Mary Jefferay”; to “my son Thomas Jefferay all the remainder of my estate in old England”; to “my daughter Sarah the wife of James Barker of Newport” £5; to “my two daughters Priscilla and Susannah Jefferay all my land and housing” in Newport, being twenty-five acres; daughter Mary Greene to be executrix; “my wife’s two brethren John and Danill Gould overseers”

Death: 02 JAN 1675  Newport, Rhode Island

Burial:  Common Burial Ground, Newport Cemetery, Newport, Rhode Island
Note:  The inscription on his tombstone is as follows: “Here lyeth interred the body of Wm. Jeffray, Gent. who departed this life on the 2nd day of Jany., 1675, in the 85th year of his age.”

    “Since every tomb an epitaph can have,
    The Muses owe their tribute to this grave.
    And to succeeding ages recommend
    His worthy name who lived and died their friend;
    Being full of days and virtues, love and peace,
    God from his troubles gave him a release,
    And called him unto the celestial place.
    Where happy souls view their Creator’s face.

    Vivit post funera Virtus.”

parents are William Jefferay and Audrey Harvey

Mary Gould     

Birth:  ABT 1620  Newport, Rhode Island

Death:  AFT 02 JAN 1675

Click here to see parents:  Jeremiah Gould and Priscilla Grover

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