Birth: 01 JAN 1685  Thierachern, Bern, Switzerland

Name Var:  Hans

Birth of Son:  1705
Name: Johannes Wenger

Birth of Son: 1710
Name:  Michael Wenger

Birth of Son: 1715
Name:  Christian Wenger

Birth of Son: ABT 1715
Name:  Isaac Wenger

Died:  ABT 1749  Wattenwill, Thurnen, Switzerland


Click here to see parents:  Ulrich Christian Wenger and Christina Engel

Hannah ?     

Birth:  1685-88 in Canton Bern Switzerland

Immigration: 09 SEP 1749
Details: On the ship “St. Andrew” with her sons Christian and Michael.

Death:  1758 on son Christian’s farm near Manheim, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Burial:  Manheim, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, probably at Christian’s farm cemetery.
Note:  No stone exists for her or for Christian.

parents are unknown

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