Birth:  1705 in Bernese area or Canton, Bern, Switzerland

Name Var:  Johannes

Marriage:  ABT 1727 in Thur Seftigen, Berne, Bern, Switzerland

Migration: 1744
Details:  Left Switzerland due to religious persecution and settled in about 1744 in Zweibrèucken of the Lower Palatinate on the Rhine.

Religion:  Mennonite

Birth of Son:  1728
Name:  Stephen Wenger

Birth of Son:  1730
Name:  Christian Wenger

Birth of Daughter: 19 JAN 1732
Name:  Judith Wenger

Birth of Son:  09 NOV 1732
Name:  Hans “John” Wenger

Birth of Daughter: 1735
Name:  Maria Wenger

Birth of Son:  1737
Name:  Henry Wenger

Birth of Son:  1740
Name:  Abraham Wenger

Birth of Son:  02 FEB 1742
Name:  Martin Wenger

Immigration: 16 SEP 1748
Details:  From Switzerland to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on the ship “Patience.”
Johannes Wanger, 43
Johannes Wenger, 16
Stephan (X) Wenger
Christian (X) Wenger
Hans (X) Wenger

Note:  The family settled in Bethel Twp. (now Swatara Twp., originally Lancaster Co. now Lebanon Co.) one half mile northeast of present Jonestown, Lebanon Co., PA. The farm that he settled on in 1749 is stated as being 125 (170, see below) acres and was purchased for $125.00 from Casper Shirrock (Shirk, Sherk, Sherrick), 1710~ 1770, H, (i1732.5.15) who bought the land in 1740 from John Penn, Thomas Penn and Richard Penn, sons of William Penn. Warrent #250 (Bureau of Land Records-Harrisburg, PA) (Oct. 5, 1738 to Casper Sherk for 200 acres on Swatara Creek in Bethel Twp., Lancaster (now Lebanon) Co. Surveyed March 31, 1740 for 170 acres. Patented (Pat. A120-279-29) to Casper Sherk on Nov. 29, 1745. Signed by Thomas Penn, son of William Penn.) (Nov. 1, 1749 Deed P-94-Lancaster Co., Casper and Magdalena Sherick sell land of 170 acres to John Wenger. DLW

Note:  There is also a patent number A-77-189 associated with this property. NWN gives that the first survey used a White Oak tree at the south west corner as a maker and that the tree was still standing in the 1950s. Neighbors were Nicholas Youngblood, Peter Lane, George Hauck and Jacob Miller. Same land as in Warrant #250) On July 3, 1767, John Wenger of Bethel Twp., Lancaster Co. sold to son John 62 acres, 76 p. for $373. 6s. S P. (bounded by John Wenger and Stephen Wenger). On July 3, 1767, John Wenger Sr. sold to Stephen Wenger 2 1\2 acres, Stephen Wenger willed above to his son John and wife. On June 16, 1800, John Wenger of Dauphin Co. Bethel Twp., sold 179 acres, 52 perch to Jacob Wenger for $800 in gold and silver.

Will: 15 SEP 1771
Note: Probated 01 JUN 1772.  Son, John, was executor.

Death:  BEF 01 JUN 1772   Jonestown, Lebanon County, PA

Burial:  Wenger Cemetery, Lebanon Co, PA
Note: Hans is no doubt buried in the Wenger Cem., but no stone exists. It is thought that he and Anna are buried under a wall of the Wenger meeting house. There is currently a sagging under a window area. It is thought that the sagging is due to the earth having been excavated for the graves. It is reported that while the church was being constructed the grave was exposed, but they continued with the construction. Over 114,600 of his descendants are known.

Site of farm on elevation overlooking the fertile valley of Big Swatara Creek. Wenger Cemetery is situated on the northwest corner of the property. The Wenger meeting house is located in a corner of the cemetery.

Click here to see parents:  Johannes Wenger and Hannah ?

Anna Shirk     

Birth:  ABT 1705 in Bern, Switzerland

Death:  1771 in Lebanon Co., PA

Burial:  Wenger Cemetery, Lebanon Co, PA

parents might be Casper Sherk and Verena Burkhard (relatives – might not be her parents)

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