Birth:  26 December 1680 Lyme, New London, Connecticut

Marriage:  2 Jan 1707 in Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut

Birth of Son:  14 DEC 1707
Name:  Samuel Bennett

Birth of Daughter:  06 APR 1709
Name:  Abigail Bennett

Birth of Son:  18 AUG 1710
Name:  John Bennett

Birth of Daughter:  24 APR 1714
Name:  Jane Bennett
Place:  Killingworth, Middlesex Co, Connecticut

Birth of Daughter:  30 MAY 1716
Name:  Mary Bennett

Birth of Daughter:  29 JAN 1718/19
Name:  Sarah Bennett

Birth of Son:  20 MAY 1722
Name:  Elijah Bennett

Birth of Son:  24 JAN 1723/24
Name:  Jedediah Bennett

Death:  15 December 1730   Lyme, New London, Connecticut

Click here to see parents:  Henry Bennett and Sarah Champion

Mary Huntley     

Birth:  26 DEC 1683  Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut

Death:  27 October 1788 Lyme, New London, Connecticu

Click here for parents:  Moses Huntley and Abigail Chappell

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