Baptism: 09 DEC 1601  Essex, England

Marriage: to Mary Surgis  England

Birth of Son:  1623
Name:  Joshua Coggeshall

Immigration: 16 SEP 1632
Details: He emigrated from England to the New World in the ship “Lyon,” arriving at the port of Boston, Mass., in 1632, with his wife Mary Surgis, and three children, John, Joshua, and Anne, on September 16, 1632.

Religion: His name and that of his wife are on the original records of the church of Roxbury, of which John Eliot was pastor.

Freeman:  06 NOV 1632 in Roxbury, Massachusetts

Moved to:  1634
Place: Boston, Massachusetts
Details:  To become a merchant.

Note: John Coggeshall became one of the leading citizens of Boston, and in the year of his arrival, there was elected a member of the Board of Selectmen and a deacon of the church.  His name also heads the list of deputies to the General Court of Massachusetts from Boston, May 14, 1634, and he served, with three interruptions, until November 1637.

Note:  He was one of the staunchest supporters and defenders of Anne Hutchinson, and upon her banishment was e×pelled from the Court, and from the State of Massachusetts, in company with eighteen other men, who were also identified with her. These eighteen men, and; a company including William Coddington, John Clarke, the Hutchinson family, and others, settled on the island of Aquidneck, by the advice of Roger Williams, who had already settled in Providence. The land was purchased from the Narragansett sachems, and the form of government there established was one of the first in New England which separated the civic from the religious issues. The colony grew with great rapidity and to accommodate newcomers and the over flow, the town of Newport, R. I., was established.

Note:  SEP 1644
Details: On the return of Roger Williams from England with a charter; they organized a government, in September, 1644.

Governor/President of Rhode Island: In May, 1647, John Coggeshall was elected president of Rhode Island, with Roger Williams as assistant for Providence, William Coddington for Newport, and Randall Holden for Warwick. While in this office, he was the founder or was largely influential in founding two cities, two states and two separate and independent governments.

Detailed Info About John Coggeshall

Death: 27 NOV 1647  Newport, Rhode Island
Note:  Died in office

Burial: Coggeshall Cemetery, Newport, Newport Co, Rhode Island
Details: He was buried on his own land in Newport, where his descendants have erected a monument to his memory, and enclosed the little family burial ground with a neat and substantial stone wall. It is situated on Coggeshall Avenue, near Victoria Avenue.

Inscription Reads: Here lyeth ye body of John Coggeshall Senr Esq., who deceased President of this Colony ye 27th of Novembr 1647 aged about 56 years

Click here to see parents:  John Coggeshall and Anne Butter

Mary Surgis     

Birth:  1604

Death:  19 DEC 1684  Newport, Newport Co, Rhode Island

Burial:  Coggeshall Cemetery, Newport, Newport Co, Rhode Island

Parents are unknown

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