Birth: 1623  Harwich, England

Immigration: 1632
Details:  Came with parents

Moved to: Portsmouth, Rhode Island after the death of his father.

Land Rec:  Portsmouth, Rhode Island – Here he purchased a farm on the west side of the island, where he resided until his death. A large, part of this original purchase remained in the hands of lineal descendants for quite some time.

Note: Joshua Coggeshall became a man of prominence in Portsmouth, and served in public office on several occasions.

Deputy to the General Court of Rhode Island: 1664, 1666, 1667, 1668, 1670, 1671, 1672
Note: Was also several time the assistant deputy.

1st Marriage: 22 DEC 1652  to Joane West  in Newport, Rhode Island

Birth of Daughter:  FEB 1655
Name:  Mary Coggeshall

Birth of Son:  MAY 1656
Name:  Joshua Coggeshall Jr.

Birth of Son:  DEC 1659
Name:  John Coggeshall

Religion:  Mr. Coggeshall joined the ranks of the Quakers in 1660, and on a visit to Plymouth Colony, Mass., shortly afterward, was seized, deprived, of his horse and thrown into jail, because of his religious convictions.

Birth of Son:  NOV 1662
Name:  Josias Coggeshall

Birth of Son:  APR 1665
Name:  Daniel Coggeshall

Birth of Son:  1669
Name:  Isaac Coggeshall

Birth of Daughter:  JAN 1670/71
Name:  Humility Coggeshall

Birth of Son:  1672
Name:  Caleb Coggeshall

2nd Marriage:  24 DEC 1669  to Elizabeth Timberlake

Birth of Daughter:  1670
Name:  Elizabeth Coggeshall

Birth of Son:  1673
Name:  John Coggeshall

Birth of Daughter:  1675
Name:  Mary Coggeshall

3rd Marriage:  21 JUN 1676  to Rebecca Russell, a Quakeress of London, England

Birth of Son:  1677
Name:  William Coggeshall

Birth of Son:  1684
Name:  Peter Coggeshall

Death: 01 MAY 1689  Portsmouth, Newport Co, Rhode Island
Note: Died of measles.  Left 120 acres to Joshua Coggeshall Jr.

Burial: no tombstone.  Dates are from Quaker death records.  Listed in the Portsmouth Friends Churchyard, Newport, Newport Co, Rhode Island

Click here to see parents:  John Coggeshall and Mary Surgis

Joane West     

Birth: 16 JUN 1629  England

Death:  24 APR 1676  Portsmouth, Newport Co, Rhode Island

Burial:  Clifton Burying Ground, Newport, Newport Co, Rhode Island
Note: Also listed in the burial records for Portsmouth Friends Churchyard, Newport, Newport Co, Rhode Island

Parents are Matthew West and Joan Wakeham

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