Birth: JUL 1678

Religion: 17 OCT 1700
Note: One of the original members of the Harwich Church

Marriage: ABT 1701

Religion: 14 SEP 1701
Note: John and his wife were admitted to the church. They reside in that part of Harwich now Brewster.

Birth of Son: 28 OCT 1702
Name: Elkanah Freeman
Place: Harwich, Massachusetts
Note: Died 21 JAN 1713/14

Birth of Daughter: 26 JAN 1704
Name: Sarah Freeman

Birth of Daughter: 24 APR 1707
Name: Mercy Freeman

Birth of Son: 03 AUG 1709
Name: John Freeman

Birth of Daughter: 28 NOV 1711
Name: Phebe Freeman

Birth of Daughter: 06 OCT 1714
Name: Thankful Freeman

Birth of Son: 06 FEB 1716/17
Name: Elkanah Freeman

Birth of Daughter: 13 OCT 1719
Name: Mary Freeman

Birth of Son: 27 APR 1722
Name: Eli Freeman

Land Rec: 1723
Note: Sold his estate in Brewster, having removed with a numerous family, or being about to remove to Rochester.

Birth of Son: 21 MAY 1724
Name: Elisha Freeman

Birth of Daughter: baptized 17 JAN 1728
Name: Hannah Freeman


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Mercy Watson



Parents are Elkanah Watson of Plymouth and ?

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