Birth:  30 Sep 1685  Warwick, Kent Co, Rhode Island

1st Marriage: 1708 to Mary Aylesworth

Birth of Daughter: Elizabeth Greene

Birth of Daughter: Ruth Greene

Birth of Son: Jonathan Greene

Birth of Son:  Caleb Greene

Birth of Daughter: Mary Greene

Birth of Son:  ABT 1710
Name:  Thomas Greene

Birth of Son:  ABT 1712
Name: Philip Greene

Birth of Son:  1715
Name: Josiah Greene

Birth of Son:  17 JAN 1716/17
Name: Amos Greene

Birth of Son: 1719
Name: Joseph Greene

Birth of Son: 1719
Name: Benjamin Greene

Note: 13 OCT 1726
Details: John gave his wife a receipt for her share of her father’s estate.

Military:  1732
Details: He is styled “Lieutenant John”

Birth of Son:  1732
Name: William Greene

Land Rec:  09 JAN 1733 or 1734
Details: Being then of East Greenwich, he purchased 149 ¾ acres in what is now West Greenwich, it being “The first farm in the first division in the right of Samuel Cranston”.

Land Rec: 1743
Details: He sold farms formerly belonging to his father and brother, Caleb, both deceased. The Cranston farm in West Greenwich was the site of his homestead.

2nd Marriage:  to Priscilla Bowen or Barney

Note: In the records preserved by Ethan Greene, his son Joseph’s grandson, he is styled “White Hat John” and was also called “Lord John” because of his haughty air.

Will:  26 MAR 1752

Death: 29 MAR 1752  West Greenwich, Kent, Rhode Island

Will Proved: APR 25 1752

Click here to see parents:  Benjamin Greene and Humility Coggeshall

Mary Aylesworth     

Birth:  1687/1688  Kingston, Washington, Rhode Island

Death:  1741  W. Greenwich, Kent, Rhode Island

Click here to see parents:  Arthur Aylesworth and Mary Brown

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