Birth: 17 AUG 1651 New Haven Co, Connecticut

Occupation:  Farmer

1st Marriage:  16 MAY 1677  to Mary ?

Birth of Son:  03 JUN 1678
Name:  John Perkins

Birth of Son:  07 Apr 1680
Name:  Stephen Perkins

Land Rec:  26 DEC 1681
Details:  He sold to John Smith of New Haven the 22 acres on the west side of the town he had received from his father February 26, 1679.

Birth of Son:  18 MAY 1682
Name:  Peter Perkins

Birth of Son:  23 AUG 1684
Name:  James Perkins

Birth of Son:  BEF 08 JUL 1688
Name:  Elisha Perkins

Birth of Daughter:  09 OCT 1689
Name:  Mary Perkins

Birth of Son:  BEF 09 SEP 1694
Name:  Nathan Perkins

Birth of Son:  BEF 29 NOV 1700
Name:  Aaron Perkins

Land Rec:  24 MAR 1701
Details:  He conveys by deed of gift to son John 21 acres bounded on land of his brothers David and Jonathan.

2nd Marriage:  1703 to Rebecca, daughter of John Thompson of East Haven, and widow of Daniel Thomas.
Note:  There were no children by his second wife.

Land Rec:  18 SEP 1705
Details:  He gave by deed to his son Peter one-third of my father, Edward Perkins, dec’d, estate, in 3rd division; also 2 acres arable land in Sperry’s Plain.

Land Rec:  28 SEP 1710
Details:   He bought of David Johnson, blacksmith, a small piece of land bounded in part on Stephen Perkins.

Land Rec:  24 FEB 1715/16
Details:  He buys of his neighbor Moses Sperry five feet of land.

Land Rec:  23 OCT 1718
Details:  He sells to son Nathan 4 acres in his third pitch.

Land Rec:  08 DEC 1718
Details:  He conveys to his cousin (nephew) Seth Perkins (son of his brother Jonathan), weaver, three-fourths of an acre bounded on the town street, Jona Perkins, channel of the creek and heirs of Jas. Chidsey, March 26, 1722, he conveys to son Peter by deed of gift two acres adjoining land of said Peter.

Land Rec:  05 APR 1722
Details:  He also conveys to son Aaron by deed of gift one acre within the field called Yorkshire quarter, it being part of the meadow lying between my brother Jonathan and my own land ; also one-half of my 5th division joining Wallingford bounds.

Note:  1727
Details:  A conservator was appointed for John Perkins and his wife Rebecca.

Will:  There was no will or settlement of his estate, which he probably had disposed of to his children during his life, is to be found upon record while there is apparent evidence of the latter fact.

Death:  BEF 1730  New Haven, Connecticut

Click here to see parents:  Edward Perkins and Mary Butcher

Mary ?     

Birth:  ABT 1651

Death: BEF 1703

parents are unknown

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