Birth: 07 Apr 1680  New Haven, Connecticut

Baptism:  08 JUL 1688  First Congregational Society, New Haven, Connecticut

1st Marriage:  27 AUG 1700  to Elizabeth Ford  New Haven, Connecticut

Occupation:  Farmer

Birth of Son:  18 SEP 1701
Name:  Joseph Perkins

Birth of Daughter:  10 NOV 1703
Name:  Elizabeth Perkins

Birth of Daughter:  24 NOV 1705
Name:  Lydia Perkins

Land:  12 MAY 1707
Details:  He and John Watson exchanged five acres of land near Chestnut Hill bounding on Sperry.

Land:  27 OCT 1707
Details:  for £19 he bought of Wm. Thompson 23¼ acres of land lying west of Roundhill, bounded in part on Sperry’s land.

Birth of Daughter:  17 APR 1708
Name:  Thankful Perkins

Land:  26 MAY 1708
Details:  He bought of Sam’l Thompson 20 acres near Roundhill, it being one-third of that lot laid out to John, father of said Sam’l Thompson.

Land:  13 APR 1709
Details:  He and John Thompson divided and staked their several shares in third division at Roundhill.

Land:  14 FEB 1711/12
Details:  He bought of Daniel Johnson two rods and seven feet of land bounded partly on John Perkins.

Birth of Daughter:  31 MAR 1712
Name:  Mary Perkins

Land:  07 APR 1712
Details:  For 2s 6d he bought of Abigail Burr of Fairfield seven and one-half acres at a place called Holme’s Race.

Birth of Son:  14 JUN 1716
Name:  Stephen Perkins

Land:  26 MAR 1724
Details:  He and his brother Peter deed land from Benj. Wood.

Note:  FEB 1725/26
Details:  Stephen Perkins may take in the highway against his house provided he carry the way upon good ground in his own lot and the highway to be the same width of the former.

Land:  12 MAR 1725/26
Details:   Laid out to Stephen Perkins 16½ acres, leaving 4 rods west for an highway, the whole length of said five rods.

Land:  14 MAR 1726/27
Details:  Then laid out an highway and exchanged land with the proprietors and Stephen Perkins beginning a little westerly of his old house and five or six rods south * * * near the saw mill.

2nd Marriage: 12 NOV 1729 to Anna How

Birth of Daughter:  26 Mar 1731
Name:  Anna Perkins

Birth of Son:  06 Jul 1732
Name:  Stephen Perkins

Birth of Daughter:  28 May 1734
Name:  Sybil Perkins

Birth of Daughter:  12 Apr 1736
Name:  Tabitha Perkins

Living:  1736
Place:  Roundhill, New Haven, Connecticut

Birth of Son:  8 Oct 1739
Name:  Elisha Perkins

Birth of Son:  8 Oct 1740
Name:  Keran Perkins

Birth of Daughter:  31 Jul 1745
Name:  Content Perkins

Note:  In 1755 the expense for maintenance of Stephen Perkins and his wife Anna was divided between their children.

Death:  AFT 1755

Burial:  Center Church on the Green Churchyard, New Haven, New Haven County, Connecticut
Note:  There appears to be no settlement of his estate on the New Haven records.  Believed to be buried here with family. No marker.

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Elizabeth Ford     

Birth:  19 FEB 1679

Death: BEF 1729

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