Birth: 06 MAY 1628  Chelmsford, Essex, England

Immigration: 02 NOV 1631
Note: John arrived at the age of three in Massachusetts aboard the Lyon with his parents

Lived in: 1631
Place: Boston, Massachusetts

Lived in: 1632
Place: Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts

Baptism:  Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts

Occupation:  Blacksmith and Seaman

1st Marriage:  ABT 1651  to Hester Nichols

Lived in: 1652
Place: New London, New London Co, Connecticut
Note: He retained his membership in the Roxbury church and baptized his children there.

Birth of Son: 06 AUG 1652
Name:   John P. Prentice

Birth of Son: 02 APR 1655
Name:   Joseph Prentice

Birth of Son: 15 JUL 1657
Name:   Jonathan Prentice

Birth of Daughter: 20 JUL 1660
Name:   Esther Prentice

Birth of Son: 31 JUL 1663
Name:   Peter Prentice

Birth of Son: 26 DEC 1666
Name:  Steven Prentice

Birth of Daughter: DEC 1668
Name:   Mercy Prentice

Birth of Daughter: JUN 1672
Name:   Hannah Prentice

Birth of Son: 06 NOV 1675
Name:  Thomas Prentice

Birth of Daughter: 06 NOV 1675
Name:   Elizabeth Prentice

Birth of Son: JUN 1676
Name:  Joseph Prentice

Birth of Daughter: 19 JAN 1679
Name:   Ann Prentice

2nd Marriage: 5 MAY 1680  to Esther Nichols (daughter of Caleb Nichols and Anne Ward – Hester’s first cousin)

Birth of Son: ABT 1682
Name:  Valentine Prentice

3rd Marriage: 1685  to Rebecca Parker
Death: 01 JAN 1691  Mystic, New London Co, Connecticut

Burial:  Whitehall Graveyard, Mystic, New London Co, Connecticut

Click here to see parents:  Valentine Prentice and Alice Bredda


Hester Nichols     

Birth: 18 FEB 1635 Fairfield, Fairfield Co, Connecticut

Death: 06 JAN 1679  New London, New London Co, Connecticut

Burial: Antientest Burial Ground   New London, New London Co, Connecticut

Parents are John Nichols and Grace ?


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