Baptized: 25 FEB 1598/99  Felsted, Essex Co, England

Marriage:  29 JUN 1626  Chelmsford, Essex Co, England

Birth of Son: 14 JUN 1627
Name:  Josias Prentice

Birth of Son: 06 MAY 1628
Name:  John Prentice

Birth of Son: 09 APR 1630
Name: Geremiah Prentice

Immigration: 1631 aboard the ship “Lyon”
Details:  Of his three known children, one died before sailing, one died at sea, and John is the ancestor of all of Valentine’s descendants.

Lived in:  Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts

Religion:  1632
Details:  He was admitted to Roxbury Church as member #52

Freeman:  07 AUG 1632

Death: 1633  Roxbury, Massachusetts
Details: Ellis, in his History of Roxbury quotes from the church records the mention of Valentine Prentice’s sufferings and death, closing with a clause that proves how variously our ancient manuscripts may read, “leaving a good cup of gentleness behind him,” when my version of the words in Italic is “SAVOR OF GODLINESS.”

Parents are unknown


Alice Bredda     

Birth: ABT 1610  England

Religion:  1632
Details:  She was admitted to Roxbury Church immediately after her husband as member #53:  “Allice Prentise the wife of Valentine Prentise.”

2nd Marriage: 03 APR 1634  to John Watson
Details:  After Valentine’s death, she was married John Watson who had also arrived on the Lyon and was a member of the Roxbury church. JOHN WATSON and Alice Prentiss married at Roxbury.

Birth of Son:  John Watson

Birth of Son:  Joshua Watson

Birth of Daughter:  Dorcas Watson

Birth of Son:  Caleb Watson

Birth of Daughter:  Mary Watson


Parents are unknown

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