Birth: 14 FEB 1668/69  Birmingham Point, Connecticut

Marriage:  09 AUG 1693

Land:  They lived on the homestead of Joseph’s father in Derby Neck

Birth of Daughter:  11 APR 1694
Name:  Elizabeth Hawkins

Birth of Daughter:  23 MAY 1695
Name:  Sarah Hawkins

Birth of Son:  01 JAN 1696/97
Name:  Joseph Hawkins

Birth of Daughter:  31 JUL 1698
Name:  Abigail Hawkins

Birth of Daughter:  01 APR 1700
Name:  Mary Hawkins

Birth of Son:  31 MAY 1701
Name:  Eleazer Hawkins

Birth of Son:  23 AUG 1703
Name:  Moses Hawkins

Birth of Son:  1705
Name:  Daniel Hawkins

Selectman:  AFT 1705 for 5 years

Birth of Son:  27 NOV 1706
Name: Eleazer Hawkins

Birth of Daughter: ABT 1708
Name:  Hannah Hawkins

Birth of Son:  1710
Name:  John Hawkins

Representative:  1712  from Derby

Birth of Daughter: 01 DEC 1712
Name:  Miriam Hawkins

Birth of Son:  08 FEB 1715/16
Name:  Zachariah Hawkins

Occupation:  1716
Note:  Given permission to operate a ferry over the Stratford and Naugatuck Rivers.

Death:  1733

Will:  15 FEB 1731/1732, proved 8 MAY 1733
Note:  Named his wife Elizabeth, grandson Joseph (son to eldest son Joseph deceased), sons Moses and Eliazer, grandson Daniell (son to son Daniell deceased), son Zachariah, daughters Mary Hawkins, Elizabeth Munson, Sarah Wooster, Abigail Smith, Hannah and Miriam, and son John (New Haven Probate, 6:63)
Click here to see parents:  Joseph Hawkins and Abigail Holbrook


Elizabeth Gunn     

Birth:  05 APR 1672  Milford Connecticut

Death:  AFT 1733

Click here to see parents:  Jobomah Gunn and Sarah Lane

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