Birth: BEF 03 APR 1642  probably in Charlestown, Massachusetts

Baptism:  03 APR 1642  First Church of Charlestown, Massachusetts

Moved:  BY 1665
Note:  Joseph came to Stratford, Connecticut by 1665 when he bought land in the region which became Derby, of which he was an original proprietor.

Marriage:  08 APR 1668 to Abigail ?

Birth of Son:  14 FEB 1668/69
Name:  Joseph Hawkins

Birth of Son:  12 DEC 1670
Name:  Eleazer Hawkins
Place:  Derby, Connecticut

Birth of Daughter:  02 FEB 1672/73
Name:  Abigail Hawkins

Birth of Son:  04 JUL 1675
Name:  Robert Hawkins

Birth of Daughter:  11 JUN 1677
Name:  Mary Hawkins

Birth of Son:  28 SEP 1679
Name:  John Hawkins

Birth of Daughter:  06 NOV 1681
Name:  Lois Hawkins

Birth of Daughter:  06 NOV 1681
Name:  Agnes Hawkins

Will:  12 OCT 1682
Note:  Names his wife, Abigail, eldest son Joseph, son Eleanzer and daughters Abigail, Mary, Lois and Agnis (New Haven Probate, 1:pt. 2:92).  Bequests that his “loving wife, Abigail, is to have full possession of the estate until their sons are 21 years of age.”  The will goes on to state that she was then to deliver to the eldest son, Joseph, one-third of the lands, a pair of oxen and a horse and the same to Eleazer when he turned 21.  She was to have the new house.  His property was inventoried at 482 pounds.

Death:  12 OCT 1682

Inventory:  01 NOV 1682

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Abigail Holbrook     

Birth: 16 MAR 1648  Long Island City, Queens Co, New York

Baptized:  21 MAY 1648  Dorchester, Massachusetts

Death:  1681  Derby, New Haven Co, Connecticut

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