Baptism: 01 APR 1626  Great Leighs, England

1st Marriage: to Joanna Foote probably in England

Birth of Daugher: 05 MAR 1650/51
Name: Elizabeth Kellogg

Note: Was in Farmington, Connecticut as early as 1651.

Land:  Farmington in the Colony of Connecticut.  His home lot was four acres that he purchased from John Andrews as well as a twelve acre lot for plowing called “Nod Hill”. He served several terms as a selectman.

Birth of Son: 11 AUG 1653
Name:  Joseph Kellogg

Religion: 09 OCT 1653
Note: He and wife, Joanna, joined the Farmington, Connecticut church

Birth of Son: 29 OCT 1654
Name:  Nathaniel Kellogg

Birth of Son: 1656
Name: John Kellogg

Occupation: Weaver

Note:  ABT 1657
Details: Moved to Boston

Birth of Son: 1658
Name: Martin Kellogg

Land Rec:  16 OCT 1659
Details: Purchased a dwelling house for 140 pounds from Peter Oliver & his wife.  This property was mortgaged in November of that year to Sgt. Thomas Clarke to secure the payment of 100 pounds for wheat, pork, & peas at current market price. The land was sold to John Witherden on June 13, 1661.

Birth of Son: 01 OCT 1660
Name:  Edward Kellogg

Land Rec: 1661
Details:   He removed from Boston to Hadley in Massachusetts Bay Colony being an early proprietor of Hadley. He made an agreement with the town to keep the ferry between Hadley and Northampton. The ferry lot is where he built his home lot.

Birth of Daugher: 05 MAY 1661
Name: Elizabeth Kellogg

Birth of Son: 28 SEP 1662
Name: Samuel Kellogg

Military: 1663
Details: Chosen Sgt. of the train band of Hadley

Birth of Daugher: 08 DEC 1664
Name: Joanna Kellogg

Selectman:  1665-1692
Details: He was a selectman in Hadley for several years between 1665 and 1692, and was on a committee to purchase land from the Indians called Swampfield.

Birth of Daugher: 27 AUG 1666
Name: Sarah Kellogg

2nd Marriage: 09 MAY 1667 to Abigail Terry in Windsor, Connecticut

Will: IN THE NAME OFF GOD AMEN this 20ty day of May in the yeare of our Lord 16711, MARTIN KELLOCKE of Braintre in the county of Essex Weauer beinge sicke in bodie but of a perfecte memorie praised be god therfor doe make & ordaine this my last will & testamente in writinge in manner and forme followinge that is to say First & prinsepally I comend my soule into the hands of allmighty god my maker trustinge in the allsufissiante merits of Jesus Christe my Sauiour & redemer to obtaine Eternall Life and Salluation and my bodie vnto the earth from whence it came to be decently buried by my Executor which shall be herafter nomenated & appointed Item I giue and bequeath vnto Sarah my daughter the wife of William Jacob fiue pounde lawfull money of England to be paide within on yeare After my deceasse Item I giue vnto my grandchild John Kellocke twenty shillings to be paid vnto him within two years after my deceasse Item I giue & bequeath unto my sone Joseph Kellocke of new England twenty shillings to be paide to him within on yeare after my deceasse Item I giue and bequeath vnto my sone Daniell Kellocke of new England fiue pound lawfull monie of England to be paid vnto him within on yeare after my deceasse Item I giue unto my sone Samuell Kellocke in new England fiue pound like lawfull money of England to be paid unto him within two years after my deceasse Item I giue & bequeath vnto my sone Nathanell Kellocke all my goods in my best chamber & my little copper and all my wearinge apparrell to be deliuered to him prsente After my deceasse Item I giue vnto my sone Martin Kellocke my coppie holld housse

Note: 01 JUN 1677
Details: The town ordered that “Joseph Kellogg, ferryman of Hadley, be paid 40 pounds for loss of his team impressed for the country’s service and with refernce to his ferriage of souldjers.” He, his son John, and grandson, James Kellogg, kept this ferry until 1758, almost a century.

Military:  09 MAY 1678
Details: Promoted to Ensign of the Foot Company in Hadley and in October of the same year, Lieutenant of that company, a position in which he served for 29 consecutive years. Sgt. Kellogg & his troops fought in the “Turner’s Falls” battle in 1676

Estate: 1708
Details: In 1661 his estate was valued at 100 pounds, but by the time of his death in 1708, it was worth about 400 pounds even though he had gifted part of his estate previously to his children. He fathered 20 children, 14 of which reached adulthood.
Death:  27 JUN 1708  Hadley, Hampshire Co, Massachusetts

Burial: Old Hadley Cemetery, Hadley, Hampshire Co, Massachusetts

Will Proved: 10 FEB 1708
Details: His will shows his deep faith in his Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ. In it he names children: John Kellogg, Martin Kellogg, Edward Kellogg, Samuel Kellogg, Joanna (Kellogg) Smith; Sarah (Kellogg) Ashley, Stephen Kellogg & Nathaniel Kellogg, Elizabeth (Kellogg) Nash, Abigail (Kellogg) Smith, Prudence (Kellogg) Merrill, Ebenezer Kellogg, Jonathan Kellogg, Joseph Kellogg. His widow, Abigail and friend, Capt. Samuel Partridge were appointed joint executors.

Click here to see parents:  Martin Kellogg and Prudence Bird


Joanna Foote     

Birth: 01 APR 1628  Buckland Monachorum, West Devon Borough, Devon,  England

Death: 14 SEP 1666  Hadley, Hampshire Co, Massachusetts

Burial: Old Hadley Cemetery, Hadley, Hampshire Co, Massachusetts

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