Birth: 21 SEP 1592  St. Botolph’s, Billingsgate, London, England

Note: 1608
Details: When Nathaniel was 15 when Robert, his father, died.  Robert, Jr., thus become head of the house and he was an apprenticed his younger brother, Nathaniel, to Samuel Croyle, wholesale merchant in Colchester, or as often called in those days, “a grosser,” or one who sold by the gross instead of by the pound or small quantity.

Marriage:  ABT 1615 to Elizabeth Deming  Colchester, Essex, England

Birth of Daughter: 08 SEP 1616
Name: Elizabeth Foote
Place:  Shalford, Essex, England

Birth of Son: 05 MAR 1619 (baptized)
Name:  Nathaniel Foote

Birth of Daughter: ABT 1623
Name: Mary Foote

Birth of Daughter: ABT 1626
Name: Joanna Foote

Birth of Son: 05 MAR 1627
Name:  Robert Foote

Birth of Daughter: ABT 1629
Name: Francis Foote

Birth of Daughter: 12 FEB 1632
Name: Sarah Foote
Place:  Shalford, Essex Co, England

Immigration: ABT 1633
Place: from England to Watertown
Details:  Nathaniel arrived with Sir Richard Saltonstall being in the brig “Annie,” and settling at Watertown, Mass.

Freeman: 1633
Place:  Colony of Massachusetts Bay

Land Rec: An homestall of sixteen acres by estimation, bounded ye north and northwest wth ye highway, the south and southwest with Jeremiah Norcross, granted to him.

Land Rec: Two acres of marsh by estimation, bounded ye south wth ye river, the north with Henry Curtis. the east with John Firmin, and the west with John Smith, granted to him.

Birth of Daughter: ABT 1634
Name: Rebecca Foote
Place:  Wethersfield, Hartford Co, CT

Moved to: Spring 1635
Place:  Wetherstown
Details:  In the spring of 1635 the General Court gave its approval for the removal of people from Watertown “to any place they shall think meet to make choice, provided they continue still under this Government”.  Nathaniel, Nathaniel Jr’s father-in-law, Lt. Samuel Smith, and others from the Watertown Bay Colony joined John Oldham who had started a new settlement which was first called Pyquag and later became Wethersfield..  In Wethersfield, he became the richest landholder of his day.

Note: An early map of Wethersfield (1634-44), “the most ancient town for the valley” and the oldest permanent settlement in Connecticut, shows the homesteads of both the Smith and Foote families. Here the early colonists raised corn and rye in the rich valley soil and grazed their cattle on the green pasture lands. Nathaniel’s name is found in the first records describing the first distribution of land. A 1640 record states that Nathaniel was assigned a house lot of ten acres on the east side of Broad street. His land holdings expanded and it was said that he was one of the richest landholders of his day. Nathaniel was an “intelligent, pious and industrious farmer”. He was a Deputy in 1641, 1643 and 1644 and was selected by his neighbors to be a delegate to the General Court in 1644.

Note: ABT 1637
Details: When the Pequot War was determined upon his name was mentioned in the Colonial records as one from whom supplies were to be purchased for the commissary service.

Note: Perhaps he took part in the first public election by American people held in Wethersfield, April 11, 1640. “This was in defiance of the Royal Courts of the Crown and a demonstration of American liberty and independence, 135 years before its declaration at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.”

Deputy: 1641, 1643, 1644.

Death:  BETWEEN 01 AUG 1644 – 20 NOV 1644, when his inventory was presented at Hartford.

Inventory:  The probate record for Nathaniel includes a complete inventory; it is recreated here with the spelling as found in the original: The Children: Nathaniel Foote, about 24 years, to have £148 Robert Foote, about 17 years, to have £74 Frances Foote, about 15 years, to have £74 Sarah Foote, about 12 years, to have £74 Rebeckah Foote, about 10 years, to have £74 The Wyddow of sd. Nathaniel Foote Adms. her portion, £212 Imprs His purse and apparrell, £7-16-00 It. In neat Cattel and in Hay, £93-00-00 It. in horsse fleshe, £34-00-00 It. in hoggs, £66-60-00 It. in debts, £29-03-04 It. in Englishe Corne, £70-00-00 It. in goats, £3-15-00 It. in Carts, ploughs, etc. £6-00-00 It. in nayles, £1-10-00 Ite. Indean Corne, £8-00-00 It. in old Wheat and pease, £6-06-00 It. for certain things in the chamber, £2-00-00 It. for amunition, £5-00-00 Ite. for fouer beds with the furniture, £13-06-08 It. in fyne lynen, £5-10-00 Ite. 2 table boards, 2 chests, 1 TGrunke, with other Implts. £5-00-00 It. pewter & brasse and other vseful vessells, £12-00-00 It. in husbandry tooles, £3-00-00 It. in beife, butter, and cheese and other necessary prvision for the howse, £8-10-00 It. in poultry, £1-00-00; somm: £380-17-00

Burial: Wethersfield Village Cemetery, Wethersfield, Hartford Co, Connecticut

Click here to see parents:  Robert Foote and Joan Brooke

Nathaniel Foote, belongs, not to that class of men who fill a large place in the world’s history because called by some great emergency into positions of power and influence,–but to that more meritorious class of pious and excellent persons, who walk meekly along the paths of common life, perform every duty, public or private, love and help their fellowmen, and act always as if in their great Task Master’s eye. It is to such men that society owes at once its peace, stability and progress,–yet history takes no note of such, and hence, ‘The world knows nothing of its greatest men.'”–Nathaniel Goodwin in the Foote Genealogy.

Elizabeth Deming     

Birth: 04 OCT 1595  Colchester, Essex Co, England

2nd Marriage:  2 MAR 1646 to Thomas Welles (Governor of Connecticut 1655-1658)
Details:  In 1646, two years after Nathaniel’s death, Elizabeth married Thomas Welles, Magistrate, afterwards Governor of the Colony. That she was a woman of character and a good wife, is evidenced by the fact that her husband (Foote) dying intestate, she was by the Particular Court to whom the inventory of his estate was presented, “admitted to administer the estate;” and by the will of her second husband (Welles) “she was to enjoy and improve” his whole estate, so long as she remained a widow,- – – – “that she may keep the better hospitality.”

Will:  28 MAR 1678
Proved: AUG 1683
Details:  I, Elizabeth Welles, of Wethersfield, In the county of Hartford in the colony of Connecticut, widdow, Being stricken in yeares & in expectation of my Solemn Change but of Good and perfect memorie blessed be allmighty God, for the setleing of the Temporall estate God hhaath lent me & that peace may be continued amongst my relations …my 14 acres of land in the great meadow & 30 acres in the west field I give unto my son ROBERT FOOTE & to his heires forever prohibiting him the sale of the same, he paying for these lands 45L to be payd to the children of my DAUGHTER SARAH JUDSON deceased 9L & to my foure daughters, viz my daughter CHURCHALL, my daughter GOODRICH, my daughter BERNARD & my daughter SMITH, to each of them 9L a peice. I give unto my son NATHANIEL FOOTE, Eldest son and his Brother 11L & to Their children, to DANIEL 40d, & to ELIZABETH fower pownds which legacies, bothe the 11 L40S & fower pownds shall be payd out of The money NATHANIEL GRAVES owes me by Bill. I give & bequeth unto my Grand Son JOHN STUDDER halfe my Great lott which lyes at the farther Bownds of the Towne & the other halfe of the sayd lott I give unto my Grandsons JOSEPH & BENJAMIN CHURCHALL & there heirs forever. The remaynder of my estate…diveded into five parts, one part I give to my daughter JUDSONS children to be to them and there heirs for ever, & to my daughter CHURCHALL & her children one fift part, & to my Daugher GOODRICH & her children one fift part, and to my Daugher BARNARD & her children on fift part, and to my daughter SMITH & her children one fift part. …..I do nnominate & appoynt my welbeloved Captain John Allin to be my Executor & my beloved Brother Mr. JOHN DEMING Senr & my Grand Sonn HENRY BUCK to be the desired overseers of this my will, and as a token of my respect to them I give them 30s a peice out of my estate, & for the confirmation of the premises I have hereunto Set my hand this 28 day of March: 1678. memorandum it is my will that the Nine pownds apeice I give my foure daughters & the fift part of my estate I give them shall be divided among the children of each of them the one halfe of it immediately after my decease.

her marke
This signed & declared to be the last will & testament of Mrs. Elizabeth Welles in presence of us: Joseph Rowlandson, John Deminge

Memorandum: I give unto my grandson NATHLL FFOOTT; the eldest son of my sonn Nathll: the one halfe of my 14 acres of Medow & one halfe of my 30 acres of upland lying in the West feild; with liberty of takeing the first choice, he paying one half of the Legacyes which weere to be pd by my sonn ROBt had he lived to posses ye gd land; my will is that that part of ye 11 L (which I formerly willed to my said grandson Nathll; & his Brothr, wch belonged to him by will, shall be equally distributed between my foure daughters above mentioned; and for the confirmation of the premises I have hereunto set my hand this 16th day of Augst: 1682: memorandum all rents of land due to me, I will to be divided equally amongst my foure forementioned daughters; & their heirs;

her mark Witnessed by us: Samll Tallcott, John Deminge

The following entry appears on the back of the will:
    the distribute of 17L
    to Samll Foott=5>10S
    to Elizabeth Ffoot= 4L
    To Lift: Smith:= 1L 7S 6p
    to Ffrancis Barnard= 1L 7S 6p
    to Josiah Churchall 1L7s 6p
    To Lift Tracey 1L7s 6p
    to Danll Ffoott=2L

Death: 28 JUL 1683  Wethersfield, Hartford Co, Connecticut

Parents are Jonathan Deming and Elizabeth Gilbert

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