Birth:  05 DEC 1785 Rhode Island
Note:  Of Welsh ancestry.

Occupation: Was a millwright and a mechanic in his younger days.  Later on, he took up farming.

Moved to: ABT 1806
Place:  St. Lawrence Co, New York

Marriage: 26 NOV 1809  Gouveneur, St. Lawrence County, New York

1810 Census:  Cambray, St. Lawrence Co, New York
Note:  1 male 16-25; 1 female 16-25

Birth of Son:  20 FEB 1811
Name:  Henry Lawton
Place:  Gouveneur, St. Lawrence County, New York

Military:  Fought in the War of 1812
Details:  In the New York Militia, in Benedict’s Regiment and Nellis’ 1st Regiment.

Note:  Helped begin the new settlement of Fowler, New York (then called Little York)

Birth of Son:  10 APR 1814
Name:  Daniel Bradley Lawton

Birth of Son:  13 APR 1817
Name:  Harvey Seaver Lawton

Birth of Son:  24 AUG 1818
Name:  Perley Lawton
Place:  Fowler, St. Lawrence Co, New York

Birth of Daughter:  29 APR 1822
Name:  Sally Lawton

Religion:  30 JAN 1822
Place:  Fowler, New York
Note:  One of the original members of the first Fowler Baptist Church.

Birth of Daughter:  26 APR 1825
Name:  Mary Ann Lawton

Birth of Son:  02 APR 1828
Name:  Albert Lawton

1830 Census:  Fowler, St. Lawrence Co, New York
Note:  1 Male < 5; 2 Males 10-15; 1 Male 15-20; 1 Male 40-50
          1 Female 5-10; 1 Female 40-50

Birth of Son:  04 JAN 1832
Name:  Lewis Lawton

1840 Census:  Fowler, St. Lawrence Co, New York

Moved to:  1845
Place:  Coopersville, Polkton Twp, Ottawa Co, Michigan
Details:  They settled in a log cabin on 120 acres of wild and wooded land, thick with pine and hemlock, where the present high school is located.  At that time there were only six families in the community and no roads.

Note: 1847
Details: Josiah and son Albert built the first frame house in what was later to be called Coopersville.

1850 Census:  08 OCT 1850
Place:  Polkton Twp, Ottawa Co, Michigan
Note:  Wife, Elizabeth, and two sons were living in his household.

Overseer of the Poor: 1852

1854 Census:  Polkton, Ottawa Co, Michigan

1860 Census:  21 JUN 1860
Place:  Polkton Twp, Ottawa Co, Michigan
Note:  Living with his son, Albert, and his family.  Was a millwright.

Michigan State Gazetteer: 1863
Place: Coopersville, Ottawa Co, Michigan
Note: Josiah was listed as a cooper.

Died:  18 MAY 1863  Coopersville, Ottawa Co, Michigan

Burial:  Coopersville Cemetery, Ottawa Co, Michigan.

Click here to see parents:  Thomas Lawton and Anne Richmond

Josiah and his wife were one of thirteen couples that started the Baptist Church in Fowler, New York on January 30, 1822. The Church was down to seven members in 1876 and stopped holding services. In 1852 Josiah was Overseer for the Poor in Ottawa County.

He remained in Rhode Island till about 21 years of age, and then removed to St. Lawrence Co, NY. In 1845 the family journeyed to Michigan and settled in Coopersville, Wright Township, Ottawa Co, Michigan.

In his younger days he was a millwright and mechanic, later gave his entire attention to agriculture, and when he came to Michigan bought a farm of one hundred and twenty acres all wild and wooded land. There were no public roads leading to it, and the country was very new, most of the business in that part of the state being done in Grand Rapids. There were then only six families in the settlement, and the homestead of the father lay out a little distance from Coopersville, the land all about being densely covered with a growth of pine and hemlock.

He served bravely in the War of 1812, and after a life of busy industry passed away in 1863.

Elizabeth Bradley   

Birth: 12 MAR 1786  Connecticut or New York

Name Var:  Betsey

Death: 16 AUG 1857

Burial:  Coopersville Cemetery, Ottawa Co, Michigan.
Note:  She was the first person to be buried in this cemetery.

Father is thought to be Daniel Bradley

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