Birth:  20 FEB 1811 Gouveneur, St. Lawrence Co, New York

Occupation: Farmer

1830 Census:  Fowler, St. Lawrence Co, New York
Note: Living with parents, Josiah and Betsey Lawton.

1st Marriage: 09 MAR 1832 Fowler, St. Lawrence County, New York
Note: Married by Rev. Nathan Crary/McCrary, minister in the Methodist Episcopal Church in Fowler, St. Lawrence Co, New York

Birth of Daughter:  1834
Name:  Betsey A. Lawton
Place:  St. Lawrence Co, New York

Birth of Daughter:  13 FEB 1837
Name:  Sarah Almira Lawton

Birth of Daughter:  17 JUN 1839
Name:  Alma Elizabeth. Lawton

1840 Census:  Fowler, St. Lawrence Co, New York
Detail:  Males: 1 (20-30)
               Females:  2 (<5); 1 (5-10); 1 (20-30)
Important:  Living two doors down from a William Newton (possible father of his wife).

Birth of Daughter:  19 SEP 1841
Name:  Lucinda L. Lawton

Birth of Son:  20 NOV 1844
Name:  Albert H. Lawton

Birth of Son:  11 APR 1845
Name:  Lyman Pearly. Lawton
Place:  St. Lawrence Co, New York

Birth of Son:  1848
Name:  Silas Wright Lawton

Birth of Son:  24 JUN 1850
Name:  Charles Bradley Lawton

1850 Census: 23 JUL 1850
Place: Dekalb, St. Lawrence, New York, USA
Note:  Wife, Elizabeth, and eight children are living in household.

2nd Marriage:  26 MAY 1856  to Sarah A. Merrick
Place: Ottawa Co, Michigan

Birth of Son:  APR 1857
Name:  George A.. Lawton

Birth of Daughter:  ABT 1859
Name:  Susan Adell Lawton

1860 Census: 14 JUN 1860
Place: Polkton Twp, Ottawa Co, Michigan
Note:  Wife, Sarah, five children from previous marriage, and two of her children from a previous marriage are living in household.

Birth of Son:  13 JAN 1863
Name:  Malvin R. Lawton

1870 Census:  22 JUL 1870
Place:  Polkton Twp, Ottawa Co, Michigan
Note:  Wife, Sarah, three children from previous marriage, one of her children from a previous marriage, and a joint child are living in household.

1880 Census:  07 JUN 1880
Place:  Polkton Twp, Ottawa Co, Michigan
Note:  Wife, Sarah, and two children are living in his household.

Note: Taken from an affidavit written by Henry Lawton June 20, 1890: “My family in 1862 consisted of seven children including two children that belonged to my wife when I married her. W. F. Turner age 8 years and Catherine age 12y. And my own children were Albert H. Lawton 18 years old. Silas age 15 Charles 12 years. George 4 year and Susan 2 year old.”

Death:  08 FEB 1896
Place:  at his home, Coopersville, Polkton Twp, Ottawa Co, Michigan
Note:  Died of Catarrak & Consumption

Burial:  Coopersville Cemetery, Ottawa Co, Michigan.

Obituary: 06 MAR 1896
Place: “The Observer”, Coopersville, Michigan
Note: Henry Lawton was born in Gouverneur, St. Lawrence county, New York, February 20, 1811.  He died at his home in Coopersville, February 8, 1896. Mr. Lawton’s ancestors came from Wales, and his great grandfather was a Quaker preacher in Rhode Island.  His father, Josiah T. Lawton, was born December 5, 1785, in Rhode Island, and was married to Betsey Bradley in Gouverneur, New York, November 26, 1809.  By this union there were born eight children, six boys and two girls.  Four of the boys are still living.

Henry Lawton was married to Elizabeth Newton, March 9, 1832.  To them were born nine children, five boys and four girls.  Silas W. died in infancy.  Betsy, wife of Albert Randall, died in March, 1857.  Sarah A., wife of Joseph Brown.  Alma E., wife of R. S. McLain. Lucinda L., widow of James Peterson.  Albert H., who died in the army December 8, 1862.  Lyman P., Silas W. and Charles B.  He moved with his family to Michigan about the year 1850, and three years later his wife died.  He then settled on his farm near Dennison, and on May 26, 1856, was married to Sarah Merrick.  To this union there were born three children, George A., Susie, wife of C. O. Smith, and Malvin R.

Mr. Lawton was one of the old settlers here and endured the hardships of pioneer life.  He was always respected for his honesty and integrity of character.  The funeral services were held in the F. M. Church, Elder J. C. Mead officiating.  Text, Rom. 8:18.

Click here to see parents:  Josiah T. Lawton and Elizabeth Bradley

Elizabeth Newton   

Birth: ABT 1812 New York

Death: 11 FEB 1853 Coopersville, Ottawa Co, Michigan

parents are unknown.  Possibly William Newton (see 1840 census above).

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