Birth:  11 APR 1845.
Note: Tombstone says he was born in 1846.

1850 Census: 23 JUL 1850
Place: Dekalb, St. Lawrence, New York
Note:  Living with parents, Henry and Elizabeth.

Moved to: AFT 23 JUL 1850
Place: Southern Michigan

1860 Census:  Family is living in Polkton, Ottawa Co, Michigan.  Lyman isn’t living in household – but I’m unable to find where he is.

Moved to: ABT 1866
Place: Big Springs, Ottawa County, Michigan

1st Marriage:  14 JUL 1867  to Margaret Jane Harris
Place: Big Springs, Ottawa Co, Michigan

Birth of Daughter:  11 JUL 1868
Name:  Adeline Lenora Lawton

1870 Census:  Unable to find in Michigan.

Moved to: ABT 1871
Place: Meawautaka, Michigan

Birth of Son:  14 JUL 1872
Name:  George Lawton

Land Record: 02 APR 1875
Place: 80 Acres, Traverse City, Doc # 2062, Section 32
Details: Homestead Patent Issued 20 APR 1875, 80 Acres, Misc Doc # 3131, Land Description 1 E 1/2 SE Michigan-Toledo Strip No 23 N 10 W 32. (Act or Treaty = 20 May 1862)

2nd Marriage: 20 AUG 1877 to Sarah Ann Smith
Place:  Cadillac City, Wexford Co, Michigan

Birth of Son:  13 MAR 1879
Name:  Stowell Ernest Lawton
Place:  Meauwataka, Wexford Co, Michigan

1880 Census:  Colfax, Wexford Co, Michigan
Note:  Wife, Sarah, and two children are living in household.

Birth of Son:  11 JUL 1880
Name:  Earl Chesley Lawton

Birth of Daughter:  23 OCT 1882
Name:  Ethel May Lawton

Birth of Daughter:  25 JUL 1885
Name:  Maude Pearl Lawton

Birth of Daughter:  29 MAY 1887
Name:  Lula Elizabeth Lawton

Land Record: 1889
Place: Owned land in Colfax, Wexford County, MI, section 29

Lived in: 1897
Place: Colfax Twp, Wexford County, MI

Birth of Daughter:  5 SEP 1892
Name:  Winnifred Emma Lawton

Birth of Son:  7 OCT 1895
Name:  Lloyd Elijah Lawton

1900 Census: 14 JUN 1900
Place: Colfax Twp, Wexford Co, Michigan, USA

Moved to: ABT 1901
Place: Custer Twp, Mason Co, Michigan, USA

Religion: A devout Christian, in early life he affiliated with the Free Methodist Church of which church he has remained faithful.

1904 City Directory
Note: 27, 40 acres, $350, Custer, Custer, RFD2.

1910 Census:  30 APR 1910
Place:  Custer, Mason Co, Michigan
Note:  Wife, Sarah, and two children are living in household.

1920 Census: Scottville, Mason, Michigan, USA

1922 City Directory
Note: Listed as being a carpenter

Occupation: Farmer – Raised apples and peaches

Family Picture

Died:  21 APR 1925 at the home of his daughter, Addie McClain, Ludington, Mason Co, Michigan
Note: Died of chronic myocarditis.

Obituary: AFT 21 APR 1925
Place: Mason Co, Michigan, USA

Burial: Brookside Cemetery, Mason Co, Michigan, USA

Click here to see parents:  Henry Lawton and Elizabeth Newton

Note: Lyman Pearly Lawton, born April 11, 1845 in St. Lawrence County, New York, was of pioneer stock that developed the state of Michigan, pioneering first with his parents with whom he came to southern Michigan when but 5 years of age. The Lawtons settled near Coopersville and soon after the mother, Margaret, died leaving a family of eight young children. Their struggles can be imagined only by those who have gone through similar experiences.

When 21 years of age, young Lyman married Miss Margaret Harris in Big Springs, Ottawa County about 18 miles from Grand Rapids. A daughter, Addie Lenora, was born July 11, 1868. When Addie was about three years old, Lyman went to a still more undeveloped area about 18 miles from Cadillac at Meawautaka to take up a homestead. He had to stay three months on the homestead. He built a small log house and a barn before returning for his wife and daughter. It took many days and nights to move. When they ran out of bread, wife Margaret rolled out biscuits on the wagon seat and baked them in hot coals of the camp fire. They had to keep fires burning to keep the wolves away.

When the Free Methodist Church was organized, both Lyman and Margaret became early converts. A baby son George was born to Lyman and Margaret. He lived only three years – all that time being helpless and a great care to his parents. About this time Margaret became ill and was forced to return to her brother George Harris’s home where she died at age 28 with tuberculosis when Addie was just 7 years old.

At this time, Lyman heard they were giving away land to settlers. He moved to Meauwataka in Colfax Township (near Cadillac). The land wasn’t cleared and when they removed the trees for homes and lumber they found that the soil was poor.  The storekeeper in the area, Elijah Smith, knew that Lyman needed a wife. He told Lyman that he had a sister. Sarah Ann Smith, a young school teacher from New York state had been left homeless at an early age. She was raised by some people named Tuttle who were very mean to her. She taught school in New York state before coming to Michigan upon the request of her brother Elijah. It has been said that her brother told her he had a man for her.

She was born in Danby, Duncan County, New York on February 14, 1852 and came to Michigan at age 19 where she met Lyman. On August 20, 1877, Lyman and Sarah married.  Sarah not only became a good mother to Addie but also had seven children of her own. Her family is as follows: Stowell Ernest b. 3-18-1879 d. 4-28-1974 m. Miss Minnie Garn; children: Floyd, Leah, Evelyn, Verne, Grace, Lois, Earl Chesley b. 7-11-1880 d. 9-11-1881; death caused by whooping cough. Ethel May b. 10-23-1882 d. 1-11-1963 m. Orin Train Larr; children; Virtol, Milford, Bernice, Velma, Ernest and Dora. Maud Pearl b. 7-25-1885 d. 12-23-1958 m. Alfred Thompson; children: Della, Virl, Clarence, Doris, Laurel, June, Earl. Lula Elizabeth b. 5-19-1887 d. 6-12-1972 m. Oscar McGhan; children: Lawrence. Winnifred Emma b. 9-5-1892 d. 7-8-1952 m. William Standish; children: Iva, Earl, Roy, Marshall. Lloyd Elijah b. 10-7-1895 m. Mrs. Minnie Laird Peters, and Mrs. Sophia Lyon Salisbury; stepchildren: Myrtle and Earl Peters; Verda, Melbourne, Darwin, Velma, and Vonda Salisbury.

In the spring of 1900 the Lawton family moved to Mason County. They started to drive through with the team and wagon. One of the horses balked and laid down. Since they didn’t want to drive a balky horse they went back, disposed of things, and took the ‘stage’ from Uncle Elijah Smith’s store to Cadillac. They took the Grand Rapids and Indiana train to Reed City, and the Pere Marquette train to Custer where they were met by relatives. The Lawtons lived in a house owned by R. S. McClain just south of Reseguie School. Later they lived on the Barrett place (now owned by James Allison), then they lived on South Tuttle Road just north of the Martin farm. Then they bought the farm now owned by Joe Giammalva. The first house they lived in was moved to the farm.

The younger children received all or most of their education at Resseguie School except Lula who went on to be a teacher.

The family raised apples and peaches besides other crops. It was necessary to carry all water from a spring at the foot of the hill near the creek. During this time much of the responsibility of the farm gradually fell upon the shoulders of Lloyd. Also it was during this time that Lula’s husband died with tuberculosis. She brought her young son to his grandparents where Grandma Lawton and Aunt Winnie helped to care for him while his mother continued her education. By 1917 Lloyd was old enough to register for the draft of WWI. The farm and everything was sold except the household furnishings. Lyman and Sarah moved to Scottville on North Thomas Street. Lloyd was called to military service in 1918. Sarah died on Mother’s Day on May 11, 1924 with diabetes.

After that Lyman lived with daughter Addie at 421 North Robert Street, Ludington. He passed away on April 21, 1925. Both are buried in Brookside Cemetery, Scottville, Michigan. Daughter, Addie’s family included Eva, Grace, Hazel, Violet, Floyd, Ford. She married Andrew McClain in Wexford County. Daughter Hazel was a miniature sized person. Both Sarah and Lyman Lawton were long time faithful members of the Free Methodist Church, with Lyman being a minister for his church.

Sarah Ann Smith     

Birth: 14 FEB 1852 Danby, Tompkins County, New York

Note: Sarah Smith’s mother died when Sarah was just a small child. Sarah had a hard life and was put in a family where she worked hard and was cruelly treated. Her brother, Elijah Smith, it seems, helped her to get away from this place. Sarah was also a teacher in New York State.

1860 Census:  Unable to find in Tompkins County, NY

1870 Census:  01 SEP 1870
Place:  Groton, Tompkins Co, New York
Note:  Living as a domestic in the Ernest and Nancy Smiley family.

Illness: ABT 1912
Note: Became ill with sugar diabetes terminating into gangrene.

Religion: Was a devoted member of the Free Methodist Church.

Death: 11 MAY 1924 Scottville, Mason County, Michigan
Note: Died from Diabetes (had gangrene of the feet and legs). Since November of 1923 she had been bedfast and such was the nature of her disease, her pain was at times almost beyond human nature to endure. But with patience and Christian fortitude she bore it all never complaining, always appreciative of the kindness of her family and friends.

Obituary: AFT 11 MAY 1924
Place: Mason Co, Michigan

Burial: Brookside Cemetery, Mason Co, Michigan, USA

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