Birth: 02 FEB 1741/42  near Zweibruecken, Germany

Immigration:  1748
Note:  Came with his parents.  Lived in what is now the Jonestown area of Lebanon County until he moved to Franklin County.

Marriage:  25 JUN 1764  to Anna Gingrich in Lebanon (then Lancaster) County, Pennsylvania

Birth of Son:  24 MAR 1765
Name:  John Gingrich Wenger

Birth of Daughter:  27 JUN 1766
Name:  Annali Wenger

Birth of Son:  29 DEC 1767
Name:  Joseph “Yost” Wenger

Birth of Son:  10 AUG 1769
Name:  Martin J. Wenger

Birth of Son:  22 OCT 1771
Name:  Christian Wenger

Birth of Daughter:  21 SEP 1774
Name:  Elizabeth “Lizzie” Wenger

Birth of Son:  21 SEP 1776
Name:  Michael Wenger

Birth of Son:  13 NOV 1778
Name:  Abraham Gingrich Wenger

Birth of Daughter:  16 FEB 1781
Name:  Barbara Wenger

Note:  Martin Wenger and his family moved from Lancaster County to Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. In 1781, he owned and operated the first water powered hemp mill in that area.

Occupation: Farmer and a Mennonite deacon.

2nd Marriage:  to Catherine Funck

Will:  12 NOV 1812

Death:  28 SEP 1815  Greene Twp, Franklin Co, Pennsylvania

Burial:  Wenger Family Cemetery (Brinzer’s Cemetery), Chambersburg, Franklin County, Pennsylvania
Note:  He donated land for the Brinzer cemetery, also known as the Wenger Cemetery in Greene Township, Franklin County, Pennsylvania.

Inscription:  Martin Wenger Gestorben Ten 28 Sep 1815 74 Jahr Alt

Translation from German: Died on the 28th of September 1815, 74 years old

Note:  Martin’s name is listed among the children on the Hans Wenger Memorial at the Wenger Meeting House in Jonestown, Pa. That memorial was erected by Wenger. The names of the children of Hans who are presumed to be buried at the meeting house are marked with an *. Since Martin is buried in Brinzer Cemetery in Franklin Co., his name does not have an * on the memorial in Lebanon Co.

Click here to see parents:  Johannes (Hans) Wenger and Anna Shirk

Anna Gingrich     

Birth:  19 AUG 1743  Lebanon Twp, Lebanon Co, Pennsylvania

Death:  16 AUG 1793  Green, Cumberland Co, PA

Burial:  Wenger Family Cemetery (Brinzer’s Cemetery), Chambersburg, Franklin County, Pennsylvania

Inscription:  Anna Wenger Gestorben Ten 16 August 1793
Note: Gestorben is German for “died”

parents are Joseph Gingrich and Anna Huber

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