Birth: 1 OCT 1620, Steffisburg, Bern, Switzerland

Married: 2 OCT 1646  Steffisburg, Bern, Switzerland

Birth of Son:  26 MAY 1648
Name:  Micheal Kauffman II

Birth of Daughter:  30 JUN 1650
Name:  Anna Kauffman

Birth of Son:  20 NOV 1653
Name:  Isaac Kauffman

Birth of Son:  2 MAR 1655/56
Name:  Jacob Kauffman

Birth of Daughter:  18 NOV 1660
Name:  Christina Kauffman

Birth of Daughter:  24 JUL 1668
Name:  Barbara Kauffman

Birth of Daughter:  17 FEB 1670/71
Name:  Anna Kauffman


Click here to see parents:  Nicklaus Kauffman Sr. and Elsbeth “Elsi” Blank


Anna Brendi     



parents are unknown

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