Birth: 26 MAY 1648 in Steffisburg, Bern, Switzerland

Marriage:  26 FEB 1667/68  Steiffisburg, Bern, Switzerland

Birth of Son:  13 NOV 1668
Name:  Johan Andreas Kauffman
Place:  Friesenheim, Baden-Wurttenberg, Germany

Birth of Daughter:  09 FEB 1672/73
Name: Barbara Kauffman

Birth of Son:  14 MAR 1674/75
Name: Michael Kauffman

Birth of Son:  11 MAR 1676/77
Name: Christian Kauffman

Birth of Daughter:  19 MAR 1678/79
Name: Christina Kauffman

Death: 1692  Baldenheim, Alsace, France

Click here to see parents:  Micheal Kauffman I and Anna Brendi

Elsbeth Hirschi     

Birth:  1647 in Canton, Bern, Switzerland


Click here to see parents:  Isaac Hirschi and Elizabeth Schmidt

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