Birth:  1488  Debden, Essex, England

Marriage:  04 OCT 1515  to Florence Hall  Debden, Essex, England

Birth of Son:  1515
Name:  William Kellogg

Birth of Son:  1519
Name:  John Kellogg

Birth of Son:  1521
Name:  Thomas Kellogg

Tax List:  1525
Details:   He is believed to be the first recorded KELLOGG in Essex county, England, as his name appears on a tax list in January 1525. William KELLOGG was also on the tax list. Many families with this surname lived in Essex county from earlier than this. Braintree and Great Leigh (in Essex Co.) were the seats of different branches of this family, often with the name spelled as variants such as Cellidge, Kellock, Killhog, Calaug, Cologe, Kellogue, Kelhogge, Coolidge, and others.

Note:   Day Otis Kellogg, formerly of the U.S. Consul in Glasgow, Scotland, was an early collector of Kellogg data. He believed the family were supporters of James VI of Scotland and came from there to England with him when he ascended the throne of Great Britian as James I, 24 March 1603.

Death:  17 MAY 1558  Debden, Essex, England

parents are unknown

Florence Hall

Birth: ABT 1490  England

Death:  08 NOV 1671 Debden, Essex, England

parents were William Hall and ?

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