Birth:  1521  Essex, England

1st Marriage:  1550 to Juliana Westley

2nd Marriage:  1559 to Ellen ?  Essex Co, England

Birth of Son:  1560
Name:  Phillippe Kellogg

Court Record:  12 MAY 1568
Details:  Thomas surrendered to William Kellogg two acres of Wymonds.

Land Rec:  1571
Details:  He succeeded his mother in possession of the tenement and land called Mondes as appears in the Manorial Court record as follows:

“Whereas Florence Kellogge, widow, late wife of Nicholas Kellogge, deceased, held for term of her life, a customary tenement with a house thereon and 10 acres of customary land formerly called Webbs and now called Mondes with a pightel planted with osiers etc., reversion therof after her death to Thomas Kellogge and his heirs as appears by the rool of 5 Edward VI [A.D. 1551]. Now comes the said Thomas and prays to be admitted in reversion and he is so admitted.”

Death:  17 MAY 1594

Click here to see parents:  Nicholas Kellogg and Florence Hall

Ellen ?

Parents are unknown

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