Birth: 15 SEP 1560  Essex, England
Note:  Old records show him born in the village of Bocking, which may now be Bocking Churchstreet a short drive NNE of Braintree in Essex Co.

Name Var:  Phillip, Celloug

Baptism:  1560 in Debden, Essex Co, England

Marriage: 02 OCT 1579 Black Notley, Essex, England

Birth of Son:  15 SEP 1583 (baptized)
Name: Thomas Kellogg
Place:  Bocking, Essex Co, England (a parish adjoining Braintree)

Birth of Daughter: Annis Kellogg

Birth of Son:  14 NOV 1585 (baptized)
Name: Robert Kellogg
Place:  Great Leighs, England

Birth of Daughter: 16 FEB 1586/87 (baptized)
Name:  Mary Kellogg

Birth of Daughter: 20 MAR 1591/92 (baptized)
Name:  Prudence Kellogg

Birth of Son:  23 NOV 1595 (baptized)
Name: Martin Kellogg

Birth of Son:  1597
Name:  Nathaniel Kellogg

Birth of Son:  John Kellogg

Birth of Daughter: Jane Kellogg

Birth of Daughter: Rachel Kellogg

Death: 1597  England
Note:  No record of his death in Great Leighs has been found, and since the records of Great Leighs are quite full, it is probable that he did not die there. He may have removed to Braintree and had other children, but the records of Braintree extend no farther back than 1660 and the earliest known date of a KELLOGG in Braintree was in 1623, when Moses Woll mentioned Phillippe’s son, Robert, in his will.

Click here to see parents:  Thomas Kellogg and Ellen ?

Annis Mynot     

Birth: ABT 1561  England

Name Var:  Minot

Death: 1630  Braintree, England

Parents are Robert Minot and Ellen ?

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