Born:  1614  Rowington, Warwickshire, England

Birth of Daughter:  21 NOV 1631
Name:  Jane Kirby
Place:  Middleton by Bognor,Sussex,England

Birth of Son:  ABT 1633
Name:  Richard Kirby

Birth of Child:  ABT 1635
Name:  Recompense Kirby

Immigration:  1636
Details:  Came from England and settled in Lynn, Massachusetts

Birth of Daughter:  ABT 1636
Name:  Sarah Kirby

Moved:  1637
Details:  He and William Wood and others from Lynn removed to Cape Cod and settled at Sandwich, Massachusetts.

Land Rec: 1641
Details: He shared in the land division there in Sandwich.

Note:  1643
Details: His name is in the list of sixty-eight inhabitants reported as able to bear arms in 1643.

Religion: He was one of the eleven males in the first recorded list of the members of the Sandwich church.

Birth of Daughter:  FEB 1648/49
Name:  Increase Kirby
Place:  Sandwich, Sandwich Twp., Sandwich Twp., (Barnstable Co.), New Plymouth Colony, (Massachusetts)

Birth of Daughter:  FEB 1648/49
Name:  Abigail Kirby
Place:  Sandwich, Sandwich Twp., Sandwich Twp., (Barnstable Co.), New Plymouth Colony, (Massachusetts)

Religion: 1651
Details: He was presented for non-attendance at church, owing to a disagreement between pastor and people. He became interested in the Quaker faith, and was accordingly persecuted by the Puritan authorities. “Nicholas Upsiell, Richard Kirby and the wife of John Newland and others did frequently meet together at the house of William Allen at Sandwich on the Lord’s Day and other times. They used to invey against ministers and magistrates to dishonor God and contempt of government.” It is not certain that he became a member of the Society of Friends, but certainly his sympathy was with the Quakers and he shared their troubles

Religion: 1658-1660
Details: The Sandwich Quakers were fined six hundred and seventy-nine pounds, and Kirby and his son paid fifty-seven pounds twelve shillings of that sum.

Moved to: AFT 1660
Details:  He removed to Dartmouth, Massachusetts

Land Rec: NOV 1670
Details: He bought from Sarah Warren, Thomas Molton’s share in Dartmouth

Land Rec: 1683
Details:  He bought a lot of Zechariah Jenkins in Dartmouth, on the east side of the Cocksett river, at Nasquamskeesett.

Note: 1684
Details: In 1684 he took the prescribed oath of fidelity.

Death: 21 JUL 1688  Dartmouth, Dartmouth Twp, Barnstable Co, Massachusetts Bay Colony, Massachusetts

parents are Humphrey Kirby and Marjorie White

Jane ?     

parents are unknown

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