Birth: 1631/32  Cape Cod Bay, Sandwich, Barnstable, MA

Religion: 1658
Details:  Imprisoned as a Quaker.

1st Marriage: 19 OCT 1665  Sandwich, Barnstable, MA

Religion:  He was in constant difficulty on account of his Quakerism. He was fined twenty shillings for refusing to assist Marshall Barlow, and in 1660 five pounds for the same offence. He was one of the twenty-four inhabitants of Sandwich in October, 1660, fined ten shillings each for attending Quaker meetings ,and suffered with his father distraint of fifteen cows to satisfy fines amounting to fifty-seven pounds twelve shillings. “He was evidently of the sterner stuff of reformers, ahead of the time in which he lived, and acted fully up to that line, regardless of personal consequences.”

Birth of Daughter: MAY 1667
Name:  Sarah Kirby

Birth of Daughter: 05 MAY 1670
Name:  Experience Kirby

Birth of Daughter: 05 MAY 1670
Name:  Temperance Kirby

Moved to: Dartmouth, Massachusetts

Birth of Son:  02 MAR 1672
Name:  John Kirby

Birth of Son:  10 MAY 1674
Name: Robert Kirby

2nd Marriage: 02 DEC 1678  to Abigail, widow of Zoeth Rowland, son of Henry Rowland, of Duxbury, who had been killed by the Indians at Pocasset in King Philip’s war, March 26, 1676, leaving a widow with nine children.

Will: 30 JAN 1707/08
Details: Proved 04 APR 1720

Death: 08 MAR 1719 Dartmouth, Bristol, MA

Click here to see parents:  Richard Kirby and Jane ?

Patience Gifford     

Birth: 1643/44  London, England

Death:  20 MAY 1674  Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts

Click here to see parents:  William Gifford  and ?

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