Birth: 28 JUL 1602  Theddlethorpe, All Saints, East Lindsey District, Lincolnshire, England

Name Var:  Ormsby

1st Marriage: 14 JUN 1622 to Mary Margaret Masterson of Lincolnshire, England

Occupation:  He was a planter by trade.

Birth of Daughter: ABT 1623
Name: Joanne Ormesby
Place:  Theddlethorpe, All Saints, East Lindsey District, Lincolnshire, England

Birth of Son:  1625
Name: Edward Ormsby

Lived in:  1639
Place: Saco, Maine
Details:  Richard Ormsby is recorded at Saco, Maine (in Mass. Colony) where his first wife died.  He settled on the York River.

2nd Marriage: 09 AUG 1640, Sarah Upham Wanton Saco, Maine

Birth of Son:  12 DEC 1641
Name: John Ormsby

Moved to:  About 1645, he, his wife and their first son, John, moved to Salisbury where he was one of the original planters.

Birth of Son:  11 SEP 1645
Name: Thomas Ormsby

Birth of Son:  06 JAN 1647
Name: Jacob Ormsby

Freeman: 1649
Place:  Massachusetts Bay Colony

Note:  Several other records indicate that he was in Salisbury and Haverhill until 1662.

Note: In 1663 he was in Rehoboth, MA where he sold land to Robert Pike.

Death:  JUN 1664  Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts

Inventory:  Probate Records of Rehoboth, Mass. Richard Ormesby’s Inventory presented 3d day, 5th month 1664 amounted to 45 pounds, 14 shillings, 6 pence.

Parents are Thomas Ormsbee and Maria Underwood

Sarah Upham     

Birth:  ABT 1609  Salsburg, Lanarkshire, Scotland (Yettington, Devonshire, England)

Parents are Richard Upham and Maria ?

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